If Arkansas can win their remaining three games then there is a real possibility the season could end with a 3 way tie for SEC Champion if the hogs get a little help from Tennessee and Mississippi State.

Right now Kentucky has a 1 game lead on us, but if we beat them, then we take care of that and hold the head to head tie-breaker.

Auburn has to go to Tennessee and Mississippi State and if they drop those two games then they would also be tied with us and again we have the head to head tie-breaker.

Now if all that happens, the Tennessee v Arkansas final season game would have the following result. The winner would tie for the title, the loser would be in 4th place.

Now those tie-breakers only really factor in for the seeding in the SEC tournament. It would be a bunch of co-champions.

Still plenty to hope for and we are not out of winning an SEC championship yet. But we don’t control our own destiny as we need help. So until we play them (Tenn), as hard as this is to say, I will have to be rooting for the Vols in Tennessee and those damn Bulldogs of MSU.

The loss at Bama hurts right now just like the Vandy loss at Bud! Those 2 games really stick out right now especially the loss to Vandy at Bud.
Our Hogs just need to beat Kentucky!
1 game at a time and leave it on the floor. Auburn needs to drop 2 games. That’s possible but not probable.
I can see Tennessee beating Auburn but Miss St would have to play really good. I’d like to see it happen but it’s not likely to happen.
I want to see what the hogs Net rating is tomorrow morning! I’m hoping to see it go to 18 or 19!

Still 23rd. Hasn’t moved this week.

A loss is a loss. Vandy and TAM are tied in the league standings; we lost to both. Moo U is a game ahead of them; we lost there too. But we can’t fix those. Except for missing those last two shots at Tuscaloosa, we’ve done all we can to recover from 0-3. Some years 14-4 would win it; in 2018 Auburn and Tennessee tied at 13-5. But not this year.

Auburn could also lose to SoCar in the last game. The Poultry is playing better of late; tied for 5th with Bama right now. Good enough to surprise the Bagmen? We shall see.

In the SEC tourney do the top 4 teams still get a first round bye? I think we are one win away from locking up fourth place at least. We have a 3 game lead over the 5th place teams now.

I think I saw that our only way to not finish at least in the 4th position for the tournament was that we had to lose every game left and Bama had to win. They would then own the tie breaker against us. Or as you say…win one more.

I hate thinking that our easiest game left is versus “LSU”. Tough last three games. Tougher last four, but we did win at Florida.

Coming in I thought this was not a strong year for the SEC but it may be that it’s not a strong year anywhere. I don’t see another league as awesome.

One thing jumps out at me, it’s hard to take so many new players and be ready in January. Muss got things figured out. But to win the league, you can’t have a so-so January.

I believe that’s correct. We clinch the bye with one win or one Bama loss. The Chickens are tied with Bama but they play each other Saturday, so one will be eliminated.

We’ll have a bunch of new players next year as well, only they’ll be freshmen. We’ll see how fast Muss assimilates them.

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Yes. Probably looking at a four seed in the SEC tourney; makes it hard to win the SEC tourney. And, at a 6 or a 5 seed for the NCAAs, that’s tough to slog through. As generally seen in history, the National Title is won by the top seeds; not necessarily the best, but because they have the easiest journey in the tournament.

There is little doubt that the 1/2 seed are going to have the greatest chance in the NCAA tournament. Just don’t have to be at their best as many times. I do a few NCAA brackets. Almost always I have a lot of 1/2 seeds advancing to the Final 4. There are going to be upsets, yes. But those teams are going to survive most years. I’m no great expert at basketball, so it’s probably not going to be hard to prove me wrong.

Teams 1 - 4 actually get a 2-game bye.

Round 1:
Game 1 - 11 vs 14
Game 2 - 12 vs 13

Round 2:
Game 3 - 5 vs Game 2 winner
Game 4 - 6 vs Game 1 winner
Game 5 - 7 vs 10
Game 6 - 8 vs 9

Game 7 - 1 vs Game 6 winner
Game 8 - 2 vs Game 5 winner
Game 9 - 3 vs Game 4 winner
Game 10 - 4 vs Game 3 winner

Semifinal and Final are standard from that point forward.

The actual order of the games for Round 1, Round 2, and Quartefinal may not match that exactly. But, that is who would play in the matchups.

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