• Tyler Wilson and Brandon Allen were solid SEC QBs. Both looked overmatched in their first games. Cole Kelley did not. Confident, poised with a rocket arm. Herbstreit’s comparison to Roehlisberger was a good one. Yes he has some bad habits, but I think we have a good one.

  • Brandon Martin looks like a stud. Good to see him in the mix.

  • despite being around 170 LBs, Deon Stewart showed some real toughness gong over the middle (although I wasn’t happy with the fair catch WITH NO ONE WITHIN 15 yds of him). Jordan Jones was also impressive.

  • Hey there is Will Gragg! Nice catch while getting blasted over the middle.

  • OL you almost have to grade on a curve. The pass blocking was improved, nothing with the run.

  • on defense Dejon Harris and Kamren Curl stood out to me.

  • 2 for 2 on FG on the Year (but of course then he missed the XP :roll: )

I’m with you. I like our young and new skill positions.

I agree that line switches a good attempt.

Wish I could like future of our line going into next year development as well.

This is really unusual for me…but I am totally on the “we need a new o-line coach” bandwagon. The line play declined sharply the moment Pittman took off for Athens. That is the dominant factor. They seem paralyzed with concern about technique to me. And Anderson’s musical chair approach (and he actually said “this is how I do it” once when asked about that) has been a killer if you as me.

— Cole exceeded expectations. Moment wasn’t too big. Thought he put too much juice on a few throws, which isn’t that surprising. Took a few taxing hits late, but bounced up pretty well. Handled himself really well post-game.

— Brandon Martin, Deon Stewart and Jordan Jones all had moments against a good secondary. Bama did a nice job taking Nance away and those guys made some plays. Martin looks like a for-sure contributor. Finally got Jones open deep and hit him. Stewart is so tiny but had a few gutsy catches.

— Physically, the OL was better.

— Scoota was all over the place. He’s turning into the best player on the defense.

— Defense ran to the ball well, sometimes to the point where they overran it. But the effort wasn’t lacking. They played in the backfield as much or more than they have all year, which was encouraging given the opponent.

— No designed run game, whatsoever. Bama has the top run defense in the nation, but still, there was little-to-no push. Starting a new OL against them comes with an acceptance of growing pains, but you’d hope for better than that. The pass rush issues were the result of some breakdowns, but Bama also brought a lot of pressure.

— I think Dre Greenlaw’s growth has really been hurt by the time off. He’s still a solid, athletic SEC LB, but he’s not close to where he could be or probably would be without all the time off. Gets himself out of position a lot. Obvious he’s still learning to play LB.

— Liddell and Coley are always going to be susceptible to giving up big plays. Just the reality with those 2.

I wonder if CBB took over the Oline to make this lineup change? I was impressed with the performance of a new lineup against BAMA of all things. I think this is a good group for the rest of the season at Oline but this is going to improve over the next 3 games. I think CBB knows that KA is the target of tons of criticism and knows that neck may have to go into a noose. KA is supposedly a good coach as far as some people say, but he may be trying to force NFL type techniques and schemes that the players are not capable of executing.

I was amazed to see we moved Gibson to LT next to LG Froholdt, Zac Rogers to Center, Ragnow to RG and Wallace at RT. I was even more amazed that we held up decent against Bama and their heavy blitzing.

It appears to me that we need more speed at safety, as you pointed out. Are you familiar enough with Montaric Brown to venture an opinion on what he might add at safety, especially speed/coverage wise? Also, are there others, athletically, that have potential to strengthen our play on the back end?

I’ve never seen him in person, so I’m probably not the best guy to weigh in on him, but I do know the staff is high on him and I think he’ll probably start next year alongside Santos if he continues to progress. The secondary could be pretty salty next year if he’s ready to contribute and live up to his billing.

Love Dre Greenlaws athletism. But he arrives to the wrong spot quickly! I don’t think that’s good? Lol!

I know we lost last night, but we may look back in a few weeks and say this was the turning point of our season. New QB with a revamped O-line and receivers all taking steps in the right direction. Our O-line was better against the blitz but we have to find a way to make some holes for our RBs. Overall we played the type of physical game that we need to bring every weekend to turn things around. WPS