Positives and negatives

I saw tons of positives, very little negatives, other than first quarter sluggish start. As a matter of fact, some of you guys negatives were positives for me.

Lots of positives and few negatives but one concern for me is Kelly’s ability to run the offense. It would be easy to attribute the sluggish start to him. Here’s hoping it was just a tough start and he will light it up in the future.

Seem a lot of fans think we don’t have enough talent to have a stable O-line at this time. Our ability to keep the O-line healthy has been one of the biggest issue the last several years just as it is now for CCM. We have not had suitable depth on the O-line and when injuries struck we have moved defensive players to the other side of the ball trying to shore things up and the next thing both our lines are inexperienced and getting run over. It can be fixed but I don’t see how it will be quickly, with continued injuries,loss to graduation and some never living up to expectations I think it will be three seasons counting this one before we see a Sec type competitive line that’s the negative.I’m not trying to sell CCM short by no means, it the opposite I’m trying to say we are going to have to be patient as a fan base. The positive is that we have two QBs that can contribute with the help of some receivers stepping up as they did yesterday and the fact that we looked more fit than we have in the past. It’s early and we look hungry as a team and we are playing some young guys that will pay dividends in the future. We got a decisive win yesterday and that was the game plan. WPS

While I agree with many of Richard’s positives for the game, I disagree with the statement that the D-line got stronger as the game progressed. What I saw was a D-line that was largely ineffective in helping to stop the run. EI had absolutely no problem moving the ball on the ground against us. The only reason our D-line seemed to be better later in the game was because EI had as many as three of their starting O-linemen out of the game due to injuries during portions of the second half.

The most disappointing aspect of yesterday’s game to me was the play of our running backs (with the exception of M. Williams). Yes, the O-line is clearly the weakest part of our team. However, I didn’t see a whole lot of spirited effort from our group of backs. Quite frankly, I believe they run “soft”. I don’t know what the yardage was after first contact but it couldn’t have been much. In watching Alabama, Auburn and LSU, their backs run with attitude, spirit and unbridled determination. Second, third and fourth effort for yardage. We simply don’t have that effort.

I don’t remember on passing downs any sacks or QB hurries or much pressure at all on them. Now opening up holes for runs is a total different story.

I thought the running backs were partly at fault for the inadequate running game. They did not display much vision, often running into a mob of players when, if they had hesitated just a little bit and looked for the seams, we might have had more longer yardage plays on runs. I thought the running game got a little better as the game wore on.

The runs called were very vanilla. There were no reverses, and very little misdirection. There was not many cut backs at all. I’m sure these will show up eventually.

We also seemed to quit blitzing after the first quarter, and really not much then.

#1 did get burned on 2 long passes for touchdowns, but he was in on 3 of the fumbles. In fact he seemed to be all over the place, making plays. Maybe that’s because they were picking on him. But I wouldn’t give up on him yet.

I was happy to see some defenders get some snaps for development from what I could see. We have a handful of LB’s and DB’s from Bret’s classes that have lagged. We have guys like Tutt and Brown that were redshirted or injured. It would be a major bonus if these forgotten players and RS’s could surprise and contribute.

Dbacks that got some playing time.
Micah Smith, Jarquez McClellion, Britto Tutt, Montaric Brown,

Linebackers that got some playing time.
Dee Walker, Giovanni LaFrance, Derrick Munson, Deon Edwards, Alexy Jean Baptiste, but I didn’t see Kyrei Fisher play.

Pulley will probably leave early. We need to develop depth since our Def is going to be on the field more with this Offense. We need Britto Tutt to keep progressing, and it would be great to see Smith show up in his Soph year. I am excited about RS’s McClellion and Brown.

We desperately need Dee Walker to reach his potential and is finally getting on the field. LaFrance, Baptiste, Edwards and Fisher are an enigma for me.


Coaching! I like Brett Bielema but these boys are WAY better coached.

I think it is a positive having two good QB’s. In the past few years if an Allen went down we either had to use him with a limp or bad arm because there was no one ready.

I thought Bumper Pool was a huge positive. With Greenlaw’s ankle sprain I feel a lot better about there being a big drop off. Bumper Pool had plenty of tackles, tipped a pass, scooped and almost scored, and was generally around the ball. Wow! That is a Freshman.

I think Chase Harrell the big tall receiver is going to prove a major “get” for us.

Coach spent a lot of situational time with Conner Limpert this year and has paid off. Kickoffs were excellent and PAT’s and FG’s were perfect.

I can’t say enough about Brian Wallace in pass protection. Great feet and hands on a better-built body. When he got his hands on a guy that was it!

It was nice to see pressure on the opposing quarterback and it looks like we finally have at least 5 linebackers instead of 2.

It was good to see some long passes over the top. I have missed that for a while.


The Defensive line needs to get their act together

Whatever the problem is with the run game we have to figure that out. If things get that clogged again up front, I think we need to see Maleek Williams more than the “dancers.”


Jordan Jones. May be our best deep threat since Jarius Wright. He showed exactly why I asked how he couldn’t be on our 2-deep for this first game. I’d say CCM showed he can’t be trusted with his 2-deep, since Jordan played early and often. :smiley:

Ty Storey. I admit, I had given up on him ever being able to play QB at the D-1 football level, let alone produce like he did Saturday. He not only played well, but also showed poise and leadership. I’m so happy to have been wrong. I’m also happy that CCM gave him this opportunity in a real game environment, unlike CBB.

Bumper Pool. Going to be one of the best LBers the Razorbacks have ever had before he’s through here. A little LBer depth, holy cow, how did this happen at Arkansas?


Offensive Line push. Lots of excuses, injuries, youth, 7 in the box, etc. This was an FCS school, playing DL and LBers we wouldn’t have offered a preferred walk-on spot. No excuse why we shouldn’t have been able to run whenever we wanted. I will admit, they played much better than expected in pass protection (against an FCS school). As bad as they looked Saturday, I’m more worried about OL recruiting than I am about how they will perform this year. We graduate our only SEC quality O-linemen, Froholdt and Wallace. I have mixed emotions about switching Froholdt to center. It hurt our running game (he had become a great pulling guard), but may have helped our pass protection?