Did any thing positive come out of this game? What will the edit find?

I meant to say media.

The only thing I can see is despite a nonexistant defense, a very bad punt and a fumble score, Cole led the team to two pressure TDs in the 4th qtr. That has to be a positive. The kid is a winner. I saw nothing else.

Five years from now it will just be a win in the record books. Nobody will remember how close we came to losing. And after screwing around for three quarters, the defense made two stops and the offense got the job done. Other than that, not much.

uh that it was a win, Does anything else matter?


T J Hammonds had a great game. Or did you not remember that!
In the first half our defense had to roughing the passer penalties and that’s what killed us. One with targeting.
What is disappointing we fail to look back for the ball on the outside and there were passes if we look back we either intercept the ball or knock it down.

I am a die hard optimist, but yes other things matter.

Don, it’s over. You need to jump off the band wagon. Remember to tuck and roll when you jump.

Not really, honestly.
That sucks to say, but I didn’t see anything that I was very impressed with.

I take that back, the baton twirler is fantastic, and always is. Love watching her at half time. She was the positive of today. She has better hands than most of our WRs.

T.J Hammond development
Jeremy Patton emergence
Cole Kelly has now led 2 4th quarter rallies for wins as a Freshman…threw the ball downfield much better
Screen game has begun to look like bama in that you know its coming but it still works

Defense wise…the emergence of Guidry was good to see…thought the roughing passer and hand to face calls were critical…coastal would have had 3 points instead of 14 on those first 2 drives.

Here’s your positive.

We won.

As bad as we played…playing bad and winning is far better in sports than playing badly and losing. Its just the way it is when there are only two possibilities.

The Hogs have played well and LOST plenty of times in the past decade. I prefer to play bad and win. If you have to choose.

For the team, its another game where the chips were down and they proved to themselves they have the stuff to win close games.
For us fans, we don’t have to listen to the national narrative about a SunBelt beating a Power 5 team. That narrative sucks.
Ask LSU.

But this made me smile:

“Coach B just asked for me and said, ‘Do what you do best,’ and it was the stretch play,” Hammonds said. “Everyone (on defense) went all up and the blocking was perfect. I cut it up and it opened up.
“The next thing I thought, ‘Oh my God, my legs are getting tired.’ I looked up at the big screen and saw the guy catching me. But I knew if he got me, it was going to be at about the 2-yard line and I would get in. I just pulled that ball hard and tight to my chest.
“I was watching the linebacker. The tight end was in motion and he went over and back and the linebacker never moved. It was the outside zone or stretch and I thought I knew what was going to happen.
“It’s an honor to do that. I’m from Arkansas and I’ve been a Hog all my life.”
Hammonds came to the interview room with eye black tape still stretched across his face. He said he decided not to shower until he got home.
“It’s just been crazy,” he said. “I just haven’t taken it off yet. I didn’t even think about it still being there.”

Far and away best thing was Hammonds. Fans around me in south outdoor club were yelling for coaches to play him after that first series?! It’s just unreal that the guy is electric and he gets average of 2-3 touches past couple games until today.

Positive - my father who was on the fence about CBB now admits he should be fired ASAP. He’s Not the only undecided that’s moved in that direction. Not by a long shot.

When the SEC Network is broadcasting images of people with bags over their heads the end is near. When the game is in doubt and people are leaving by the hundreds and those images are being broadcast for all to see that is embarassing and telling about the state of the program.

Mercifully the Bret Bielema “Error” will end in less than three weeks and that is a HUGE POSITIVE. It’s as good a snow on Christmas morning!

I think a change is in order…obviously not working and won’t (had enough time) but I still think BB will be back as head coach next year.

It was a case of not helping yourself. That’s the play of the DBs on the ball, and the decisions not to use T.J. Hammonds sooner.

Absolutely, the roughing the passer penalties were huge. Just can’t do that and help an underdog team. But it was just so depressing to not get any of the passes that the Coastal Carolina QB threw up for grabs all day. There were five to seven that were not touched by the DBs despite having decent coverage. You have to make plays on those passes.

The real question I have is why T.J. Hammonds can get 11 touches against Ole Miss, but only seven in the next game? Coaches said during the week that he was up-to-speed on pass protections. He sat for the first 18 minutes of the game. That is hard to understand.

T.J. scored to make it 14-14. Why wasn’t he out there sooner? He scored when it was a 13-point deficit. Use him more before that and maybe it wouldn’t be such a deficit?