Positive vs Negative Press for Arkansas

Have you noticed the positive press Arkansas has been getting - more than normal - breath of fresh air !

I’m thinking some things that influenced this positive move is:

  1. We are just a few weeks from a great run for the College Baseball Championship

Arkansas not only played well and Oregan State Survived a loss in the second game but Razorback fans impressed folks across the country and impressed the sports press with how Razorback fans made the World Series an EVENT - and we can be proud they did

  1. Coach Morris in football - he is a quality person and a good fit at Arkansas - he really portrays the University and State well

  2. Coach Bobby P and Coach Bret B are gone and there were devoted haters of both in the country and press

  3. The play of Arkansas has been so bad it’s laughable but I think folks honestly see the Arkansssd fan base is deserving and are a great fan base - this was spoken of a few times in the World Series

So maybe the ugliness and bad reputation Ark fans got in the HDN divorce - may be forgotten

Your thoughts?

Agree with your first point; the others . . . not so much.

I would say that Morris is in the Honeymoon “hasn’t lost a game” (nevermind that he hasn’t PLAYED a game yet) phase. Let us have a 5-7 season and just watch how many negative Nancy’s come out of the woodwork with comments like “I never did want him to be our coach”, etc.

As to point #4, I don’t buy it. That reads like something that an Arkansas fan would like to believe is true; but it just isn’t, IMO. We are pretty universally seen as “another” program that isn’t a real threat to win the Championship in any sport. That’s another reason that this CWS loss stung so much.

Florida really hasn’t done anything more than us since DVH has been on campus; the one exception is that they broke through and won last year. Had someone caught that foul ball, some would have started to see Arkansas in the same light as Florida. We wouldn’t have pulled even (in perception of the nation), but we’d have drawn pretty close. Now, the perception remains that they are way ahead of us. Yet, if you analyze the last 15 years or so you’d find out that we’re right there with them. Of course, no one outside of our program will take the time to really look at it - they just go off of general perception.

Quick question for you - since DVH has been at Arkansas, what SEC program has been to the NCAA Tournament the most? Answer - Arkansas. If not for the late collapse of 2016, we’d have been every single season. Florida, Vandy and LSU have missed 2 in that span. And we’re right there with All Americans, Golden Spike winners, attendance, etc.

Good points Wiz - baseball Arkansas has been a winner - the complain5 I hear out of state is that that missed fly ball in game two and the follow up failure to get one more strike to win was another example of “Arkansas being Arkansas -“ With a Chicking sigh (not always easy living out of state)

Football has been laughable Aka John L Smith funny llike (quote) “This football program belongs to the whole state of Alabama” - “Smile” (my paraphrase)

Then all those close losses under coach Bret (Chocking signs return)

But yes Arkansas baseball - nothing to be ashamed about and yes that loss “Hurt”

Your first point on coach Morris - totally agree - I’m so hoping he finds away to win 7 games and a minor bowl win that should give him insurance to move the program along - I think every coach needs 5 years but the true trend you will know in three