Portis sent down to Development League

Bulls have assigned Bobby Portis to Windy City Development League. Quite an unexpected move after a strong summer league showing. Not sure why Bobby has regressed. Hope he keeps working on his dream with a positive attitude.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Off Bulls clubhouse:

“Portis has played a combined 11 minutes in the Bulls’ last nine games, so he’ll head to the D-League in search for more extended run in Windy City’s tilt Friday with the Westchester Knicks. Expect the NBA team to recall Portis in advance of the Bulls’ game Saturday against the Raptors.”

Based on that, it looks like they want him to see major minutes tonight since he’s only played 11 minutes in the last 9 games. May mean the Bulls plan on giving him minutes in the Toronto game tomorrow.

That is great news.

Will be interesting to see if they do go ahead and trade Jimmy Butler, like was suggested (again) this week. If they do that, they’ll probably try to mini-tank so they can get a good pick (and they have Sac’s if it’s not top 10).

Taj Gibson would be a commodity they could get something for. Robin Lopez is a solid center. If they trade Butler, maybe it snowballs and one/both of those guys get moved and open up PT for Bobby. Felicio has surpassed him for the time being. I like that dude’s game a lot for a backup big.

But that’d obviously be a pretty huge decision to trade Jimmy.

Per Hogstats.com:

Bobby Portis had 32 points (12-24 FGs, 7-9 FTs), 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks and 1 steal in his debut with the @windycitybulls tonight.

if they tank does that mean they are done with the fred hoiberg era or that he has a free pass for a couple years more?

I would think they try to keep a competitive roster as long as they need to make up their mind on hoiberg.

player of the game https://mobile.twitter.com/windycitybul … gr%5Etweet

highlights http://youtube.com/watch?v=A7b4-CA7BdQ

ESPN’s Marc Stein wrote that he had the hottest seat in the league about a week ago. Butler was critical of him last year, so maybe they aren’t linked. Who knows what happens haha. Paxton and Foreman aren’t exactly lauded as great front-office decision makers. What’s interesting about him supposedly being on the hot seat is they got rid of Thibs because they loved Hoiberg. He was their guy.

I thought Hoiberg would have a much better/smoother transition. I think some of that is on the players, but obviously he’s not blameless either.

Do you think Billy D will survive at OKC? Westbrook is carrying them now, but it is going to be difficult to progress beyond first round of playoffs with just Westbrook.

Interesting question. Presti loves him and I think it’s pretty clear he’s a good coach, so he should have plenty of job security. The good start early was kind of deceiving because of scheduling. Their January schedule is brutal. They’re in the hunt for homecourt right now, but I think they’ll fall off the pace and won’t be able to keep up with Utah and the Clippers (assuming LAC is healthy). Imagine they’ll try to make a move at the deadline at the expense of Payne, who I really like.

You’re right about the playoffs. Would take a favorable matchup and a heck of a run to win a series, but I don’t think that puts any heat on him if they don’t. They didn’t really have time to re-tool the roster after KD left. Heck, in late June they thought they’d have a Russ-Dre-KD-Horford-Adams starting lineup with Oladipo off the bench.

I always kinda wonder if losing KD changed how committed he’ll wind up being long-term, because obviously he took the job hoping he’d get to coach them both for more than just a year. And I love Russ and obviously he’s so talented, but he’s got to be pretty frustrating to coach at times with his tendency to get tunnel vision late in games.

I feel like Russ will be there long-term with the new designated player rule. That’ll be so much money and with his health/the way he plays, I doubt he passes it up. The NBA did OKC a favor by letting them go back and apply the rule to re-sign Russ, but that could end up looking like a really bad contract by the end because he’s so dependent on his athleticism.

They better have a good roster in place around him once he starts slowing down and he better be able to embrace aging like a Wade. If not, it could be the end of the current regime.

Comment: personally I believe Hoiberg is the problem, and I don’t see the Bull’s trading Jimmy Buttler anytime soon especially when they brought an aging D Wade to the franchise with the intent to help Buttler by providing support/leadership similar to what he has been given credit for doing with King James at Miami. Regarding Portis I wonder if he regrets leaving so early, the end of his sophomore season just the number of games the NBA plays within a week can wear you down.physically and mentally. I know he is very close to Williams and value his council but I would have also reached out to Joe Johnson who has played longer than any former razorback player. If Portis is sent down to the team’s D-League it may just be a blessing in disguise, he will have a chance to play further developing his skills as oppose to watching on the bench

Are you indicating that it is Billy D’s fault that they don’t have more than Westbrook?

No, it is GM’s job to get players to surround Westbrook. Not Billy’s. However, coaches are fired over results. And if they don’t get players, I don’t see OKC not progressing beyond Round One. And that I think would warm his seat.

Are you indicating the GM would disagree with your assessment that it is going to be difficult to progress with just Westbrook?

Yes. Fan pressure will build and a head will have to roll.