Portis, Milwaukee bounced from playoffs by Miami

On Bobby Portis’ tough night in the Bucks’ final game of the season, Moses Moody’s contributions on Wednesday, and a guard who played for Eric Musselman at Nevada playing a big role in the Heat’s first-round series win:

Fire Bud. Trade Jru.

Probably not gonna happen. Bobby should’ve played more. I wonder if he’s having any regrets

Bud is absolutely terrible. Some of the worst coaching I’ve seen in a while. They should fire him and hire Nick Nurse.

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Agree that was a bad coaching job by Bud. Too many mistakes to list here.

But overall Bucks lost because Giannis was a shell of himself, playing injured. It us that simple.

As far as Bobby, he was not aggressive like he usually is and became a spot shooter, which only works if you hit your shots and he did not. He just wasn’t effective enough to get PT at crunch time.

However, these have been exciting playoffs. Outstanding performances by Jimmy Butler, DAaron Fox, Anthony Edwards, Steph Curry, Jalen Brunson, LeBron, Ja Morant, Trae Young and a host of others.

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Almost every game has been outstanding. Obviously there are some outliers, but you can nearly bank on at least one great game each night.

Yes hire nick nurse. I suspect it’s all up to Giannis. I wonder who he likes for a coach

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Well said Scottie.

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