Portis fitting nicely with the Bucks

Through 8 games, Bobby has become a key cog in the Bucks rotation. In the last three games, he has had three straight double doubles. This is the happiest I have seen Bobby on the court since his second year with the Bulls.

His per game stats are

23.5 minutes
11.4 pts
8.0 rebs
1.5 assists
55.2 FG%
38.9 3FG%
83.3 FT%
4.9 +/-

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It helps to play with a solid team. The Bucks may be more than solid. I’ve been pulling for them since Bobby joined their team.

wow, great to hear that. Bobby P is my favorite Hog since dean/gibson/kareem/Pat.

when I watched Jaylin in hs, he reminded me of BP, tall with good base and good athletically but not explosive. I hoped he would be our next BP, so far he hasn’t. I loved that he started at tennessee, maybe he’s about to break out. what do you think, PJ?


I watched all the games Williams played at Catholic High. Maybe it was just that Catholic didn’t have any physical presence to match up with him but he played quite soft. So I wasn’t sure what exactly we were getting. But what I am seeing on the court now is a totally different Williams. He seems to be much more aggressive and doesn’t shy away from contact. Just in eight months, under Muss’s tutelage he seems to have improved significantly in this area.

He is as good a shooter and has range like Bobby. I think he has better hands and is a better passer than Bobby. Think Bobby is quicker on his feet than Jaylin.

We all know that Bobby was a much more mature player than Jaylin when he came here. But Williams has a huge upside, I salivate visualizing Jaylin as a junior. He is going to be special for Muss. I think he is 3 and done.

As far as this year, once Smith comes back, I think we are going to see his minutes in the rotation with Connor, increase gradually.

Like to hear your thoughts if you have different opinion than what I am saying.

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Isn’t it nice to cheer for the Bucks again after the Lew Alcindor, Sidney and then MayDay years?

Holden. You seem like a nice guy. You never ruffle any feathers on the board. But why you would ask PJ about Jaylin’s potential is beyond me, considering his hit piece post about Ethan Henderson earlier today? A couple of bad games by Jaylin, and PJ will be ready to throw him out with the bath water.

PJ has been on the board a long time and he’s one of the posters who seems to have excellent knowledge of the game of basketball and of player development. He’s one of my favorite basketball posters, I read him like I read youdaman when he talks OL.

I LIKE basketball a lot, I’ve coached my 3 sons through about age 10. But I don’t KNOW the game well at all, like real coaches do, or like several of our posters. So I like to ask questions from people who are more knowledgeable, like PJ, or you or several others. This is a great board for basketball info.

And he and I have both been very excited about jaylin for a long time. I was sooo happy when he committed, I really thought he’d be the best of the Big 4. And he might be. And I’ve always thought, maybe hoped jaylin would be our next Bobby P. I love me some Bobby P!

So when PJ posted about BP, it just prompted me to ask about Jaylin.

I ask all kinds of things of this community. I’ve gotten advice on skiing in Colorado, touring Pearl Harbor, restaurants in NW Arkansas, you name it.


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