Portis emerges as Bucks fan favorite with blue-collar style

Good story on Bobby Portis ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday:


Great read Scottie. I’ve wondered if some of the older Buck fans have seen the comparisons between Bobby and Sidney. They were both “blue collar players”, and of course, both Razorbacks. I know, for many Bucks fans, Sidney had become one their all time favorite players. The whole city seemed to love him.

I’ll never forget the quote from Michael Jordan about Sid. He said “you better bring your lunch pail when you play against Sidney. It’s going to be long day.”

I love seeing good things said about our Hogs.
Go Bobby Go!

Magic Johnson said something similar about Sid as well.

Nice article on Bobby. He always was a fan favorite here at Arkansas. He played hard and was a winner. I am glad he is doing well.

Love the article, love his play. Watched that 22 point game with 2 families of hawks fans, and I had to keep apologizing to them, but BP was killing it!


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And both were Little Rock Hall Warriors.


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