Portis - DNP - coaches decision????

What the heck? I assume he wasn’t injured or it wouldn’t be reported - “coaches decision”.

He’s not in the rotation right now. They signed a guy I’ve never heard of (Brazilian) who got his minutes tonight.

That guy only played 8 minutes. The guys who got his minutes were Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott.

The Brazilian guy Felicio was on the roster last year too. Last year Felicio played behind Portis.

There are no injury reports on Bobby. I wonder if a trade is right around the corner. In early September, Bulls were talking with Philadelphia to acquire Jahil Okofor for McDermott, Valentine and Portis.

He is the 11th or 12th guy right now.

He was in the rotation during all the pre-season games. Let’s see what happens in the next game. It could be a one game decision based on any number of issues.

Yeah, Felicio was on the summer team too. In the summer league Portis and Valentine were clearly the best players for the Bulls. It’s odd that neither of them played in the first game. Though Valentine could be hurt for all I know.

According to Chicago Tribune report on the game, Felicio has moved ahead of Portis in the rotation. Definitely a step back for Bobby.

Felicio really came on late last year. He’s a solid player.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe, my favorite basketball writer right now, included Bobby getting a shot at starting as one of his 30 preseason predictions. He did note that he expected Bobby’s second year to be better after he shot too many jumpers as a rookie and generally ran around waving his arms on defense.

Yes Their tweets are what I based my post upon–there are some odd responses in this thread.

I’m not sure how anyone can dispute the Felicio cut into BP’s minutes.

He’s the only guy who played less than BPortis last year but played more than him last night. Mirotic, Gibson, McDermott were all ahead or equal to BP in the rotation last year.

Now, there’s yet another guy ahead of him in the front court.