Portis contract

Bobby signed a two-year, $7.7 million deal with the Bucks last year. But he has 10 days to opt out of contract before the second year kicks in. If he does, the Bucks would have a hard time offering him more than $6 million to re-sign, and maybe only $4.5 million. I would think after his performance in the playoffs, he could get a lot more than $6M somewhere else. Does he want to stay in a place where the fans love him and chase another ring, or does he go for the bucks instead of the Bucks? Hmmm…

Will be interesting to see what he does but I hope that he opts out and ends up in Dallas.

Here is my perspective from only myself that does not come from family money nor do I make a lot as I am a college administrator, but I have enough to live the lifestyle that I enjoy. The money that Bobby has made since being in the league is what any middle class individual would consider, “Generational Wealth”. I know it is not the astronomical contracts of the elite players, but still enough money that he will never have to work again and his kids will be very comfortable for the duration of their lives once he stops playing. Myself…I would chase rings not max contracts…but that is from someone that negotiates for more vacation time over more money and I realize I am different than most in that regard. you can always make more money but you can cherish championships your entire life.


Interesting perspective, and I can’t say I disagree. But I’ll play devil’s advocate here:

Bobby has been in the league 6 years with total earnings of $24 million, and due another $3.8 million next season if he doesn’t opt out of the current deal. He’s already well beyond the “average” NBA career. Maybe he has another 10 years left, maybe not. I could live very well on the interest alone of $24 million, but that’s neither here nor there. Point is, Bobby’s talent has a shelf life and he has to cash in on it while it’s still marketable. He already took a huge pay cut going from the Knicks (who paid him $15 million in 2019-20) to go somewhere that he could win. Now he has the ring, which so many people never get (Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Sidney Moncrief, etc, etc.). Maybe he wants more rings, maybe he wants the money, but he can already say he was an NBA champion and that can never be taken away. Or maybe he just likes being a Buck and hearing the fans chant his name. I can’t blame him whichever way he decides to go.

By the way, as far as I know, Bobby has neither a wife/girlfriend nor kids (there are actually websites who track that kind of thing; he had a GF when he was playing for the Bulls but apparently not now). So family considerations may not enter into this. His foundation has programs for single mothers in central Arkansas, like the single mom who raised him. I’m sure he’s taking care of his mom and his brothers.

One more issue. If he elects to finish his current contract with Milwaukee, that would give the Bucks limited Bird rights, meaning they can offer him 175 percent of his current deal or 104.5 percent of the league average, whichever is higher, regardless of their salary cap situation, Right now they have no Bird rights, which is why they can only give him a 20% raise now or use the midlevel exemption. If he stays with Milwaukee for three seasons, they have full Bird rights and can give him an offer up to 25 percent of their cap at that point (the current cap is $117 million). Also, if Bobby signs for a third year in Milwaukee, he automatically gets a no-trade clause to protect his Bird rights.

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First, after taxes, agent’s fee, etc., there’s maybe 50% of that $24M, at best. Now, while that isn’t paltry, it isn’t life changing, if you haven’t been investing it wisely. I think he should get paid, as you’ve said, you need to make it while you can.

Both good perspectives and I can’t say I disagree, except that 50% of $24M isn’t life changing because it most definitely is, especially from someone that came from Bobby’s financial background. For that matter a lot less than that amount would be life changing for me. I would never begrudge any player from chasing a max contract as I said, I am different than most as I don’t value making the more money over other considerations but I completely understand why others would put more weight on financial factors over the things I consider more important.

And here’s why the Bucks are constrained by things like Bird rights and midlevel exceptions. The cap will be $112M (not $117M) next season and $115.7M for 2022-23, but here’s what they’re looking at for next season:

Giannis, $39.4 million on his new supermax contract
Middleton, $35.5 million
Holiday, $31 million
Lopez, $12.7 million

That’s over the current salary cap just on four guys. They have Bird rights on PJ Tucker, so his salary doesn’t count, but from what I can tell they’re looking at about $41 million in luxury tax next year. If they were under the cap, they could redo Bobby’s deal. But they aren’t.

Absolutely 50% of $24M is life-changing money. But he also made more than half of that $24M in one season. He’d probably like to get closer to that level where the Knicks had him. If I knew one of my co-workers was less productive than me but making a ton more money, I’d want that rectified too. Lopez is a productive player on a championship team, but is he worth almost four times what BP is making?

It may not be Family Office type of wealth but even a decently managed Private Wealth Trust could disburse close to $500,000 per year which for most would be considered generational wealth. It would sure ease a lot of bumps for a multitude of family members.

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Don’t expect Bobby to stay with the Bucks. Not that he doesn’t want to but he just can’t afford to unless they somehow can get under the cap.

He will easily double what he makes now going somewhere else. He wants to make sure that his mother and little brothers never have to want for anything.

He deserves everything he gets.


They can’t get under the cap unless they get rid of someone like Middleton or Holiday, as I noted above. BP could tread water with the midlevel exemption, which would still be a decent raise and allow him a chance at a big deal in a year or two, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he opts out and leaves Wisconsin either.

Maximum vacation time and chasing rings seem like conflicting priorities. LOL. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I think Bobby can afford to be picky if he believes financially he has to move. I don’t see him leaving for a doormat, even for a lot more money. I don’t think he will be that worried about starting. But I do think he will be looking at playoff teams or teams that are on track to become playoff teams whether he’s there or not.

I think BP has already made enough money to provide for his mom and brothers.
I think he loves the Bucks and the Bucks love him.
That has to account for something.

After taxes Bobby has not made enough money to stack for a lifetime. He has some very good people in his corner that won’t let him fail financially. At his age you can’t afford to give up a 50% pay raise just because its warm and fuzzy with the Bucks.

He’s proved when given minutes he can produce at a high level. He earned a very nice chunk of change, for next year, playing the way he did this season.


I say go the Joe Johnson route. Get all you can while you can. He is only 1 injury away from never being able to do that.
As stated he is already an NBA Champion. That will never change.


I’d say 25%

No one knows when it’s over. Better get that money.


How many teams could he be a clear cut starter for? I’d think if you’re gonna come off the bench might as well do it for the defending champs. I’d love to see him on the warriors. He might get some starts there and plenty of shots. I think he’d be a great influence on wisemans development. No idea if they would be interested. Only rumor I see online now is the heat are interested. Don’t think he would get to start there. But personally I would take a role warming the bench in south beach for 6-7 million a year no problem. I think he will go take the money somewhere… but I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up in Milwaukee one more year if they think they can keep their whole squad together. That might be the best fit for his career basketball wise. He definitely exceeded my expectations for him there. Also, do I think Lopez was worth four times the salary? Yes probably. But if Bobby keeps improving every year at this same rate watch out :eyes:

Bobby’s 26 years old. I could see him grabbing all the money he can get right now. Or I could see him signing a two-year extension with Milwaukee at the mid-level exception of $6 million a year, which would give the Bucks his Bird rights and allow him to stay there AND get paid in two years. Just depends on how much he likes being a Buck and trying to win more rings with Giannis and Middleton.

(Isn’t it amazing that $6 million a year isn’t considered big bucks in the NBA?)

Amazing works, I think dumbfounding is the long way to say about the same thing. Incomprehensible fits too. An income of $100,000/year is a comfortable living in the SEC footprint, so figure 60 years to get to that first $6,000,000.
Yeah, dumbfounding indeed.