Portis back with the Bulls

Portis is now back with the Bulls, after missing just one game. In tonight’s rout of Bulls by OKC, Portis logged 10 minutes, scoring 7 points, 2 rebounds. He also made a three pointer.

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Noticed that. I saw a ton of articles when he was sent down last week (even though the Bulls ppl stated it was at least in part to keep him in shape and get him PT so he could return and play this week).

I haven’t seen any articles about him being back in the league.

Know what you mean. Bobby was sent to Windy City on Friday. There was an article in the statewide paper on Saturday. Bobby was back with the Bulls on Saturday. The statewide paper is yet to report that.

Bobby should have stayed another year and moved up 6 or 8 spots and been on one of the poorer teams where he was needed, a Sac, or Toronto, Milwaukee etc. now he is going to be looking for a team at the end of his contract for 1 year near the league minimum, instead of getting a mid-level deal for 3-4 years guaranteed. Said it then and it is proving to be true, knew he was going to end up in one of these we don’t need him but we don’t want to pass him up situations.

It’s a crapshoot. There’s no guarantee that he would have been in a better situation had he waited a year. There’s no guarantee that he would have moved up. His ceiling is more physical than anything. The Bulls under Hoiberg might not have been the best organization. They haven’t developed him well and have done their best to foist their two-year failure on CMA.

The thing is his growth from year 1 to year 2 was dramatic here, even half of that same growth to year 3 puts him in the top 10 IMO.