Portis and Gafford

The Hogs’ 2 big men are having great seasons in the NBA. Both are starting and having their best seasons.

Bobby is averaging 15.1 pts and 9.1 boards.

Daniel is now 5th in the NBA in blocks per game, averaging 2.1. He’s 1st in the NBA in blocks per 40 minutes at 3.98.

Great to see these great Razorbacks doing good in the NBA.


Great to hear, thanks. They were great playing for our Hogs.

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So proud of these young men! Both great human beings on top of being great basketball players.

Just think…the bulls had both Bobby and Daniel at one time and got rid of them.

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Bobby left in free agency. Did Chicago want to keep him? If they did, they didn’t want him as much as the Knicks did ($14 million that year).

They gave Jabari Parker 40mil for two years instead of resigning Bobby…how did that work out…anyone seen Parker lately.

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Yea basically filling the brinks truck with the Celtics money, haha 9 min pt and 4pts a game

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