I thought the portal was a thing to help during the virus trouble and was supposed to not last too long. But I confess to not keeping up with things but wonder what the actual consideration is.

I personally feel the original rule about transferring which was if you transfer you lose a year of eligibility was a good rule.

But the portal to me is the worst thing to come along in many years to collegiate sports. I feel collegiate sports will become a professional thing soon, already is to a large amount.

But my question is, will rhe portal thing end soon or is it staying?

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Here to stay.

With the portal and NIL college sports are basically professional. And both are here to stay.


Fraid so.

Seems that some think that NIL is result of the NCAA to recognize and act upon both the huge money that is college athletics at least in the major sports and the trend that more athletes are focused on leveraging their athletic talent thus less emphasis on the athletic scholarship as an equal vehicle to a better future. I get this and this failure to be proactive has created this system that some are completely comfortable, but me not so much. I think a NCAA directed stipend system with equitable stipends to allow the athletes the opportunity to have more economic choices while devoting their full attention to training practicing and playing the sport that typically is generating good incomes for the colleges and coaches they play for would be preferable (obviously not to those elite athletes that are supposedly getting huge potential payouts).

Even though I think the current system will probably moderate some and some of the numbers that we are seeing, especially so many excessive ones, will not be as common. However the same schools that are driving the huge coaching salaries still have the resources and tendencies to use their financial resources to maintain their status or help them in their attempt to buy their status (Auburn and A&M).

If one buys the concept that a big role of the NCAA being one to ensure and maintain fair competition of the membership, their past records certainly does not fully bear this out and NIL with no boundaries will just continue to validate their impotency. If the NCAA continues this level of ineptness, it seems to me that they are being given a lot of money to do very little. Because without more equitable regulatory responsibilities and more expectations to be out in front of the necessary changes to be relevant and proactive enough to lead the members through evolving challenges then they are being paid a lot to run championships.

The portal only seems equitable if one believes the kids should have some control over where and how they play. Coaches come and go, so the kids who make commitments to coaches are certainly entitled to some consideration, plus in the long run if portal is not allowed to be a raiding party then the kids who are not happy and flourishing in one’s program are there against their desire, they probably are not a positive for the program.

Our BB coach was way ahead of everyone else using the portal. With his success now its paying off in the high school recruiting. I hope the football staff can follow suit. Do we take a 3* defensive lineman out of high school or wait for the inevitable already developed player in the portal?

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I think that type of recruiting is already taking place & will increase. Top programs tell a kid and parents they really want the kid but don’t have a spot now, but will have in a year or 2. Send him off elsewhere watch their development. Then send a back door message to hit the portal, bam done deal.

I think the portal is here to stay… I do think they will tweak the system and give stiffer timelines that you can do so to help coaches.

Here’s an easy question. Who is our best receiver best DB and arguably our best LBr? And what do they have in common?

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