Portal winners and losers

And it ain’t over yet.

The Louisville rating is a little puzzling, simply because they were so bad last year.

We got Louisville’s best player, and losing him was a blow. But after watching them play against us and later in bits and pieces of games the rest of the year, I find it hard to believe that whoever replaces anyone else from that bunch that went in in the portal won’t be at least as good, and probably will be better.

Well, they lost 7 and got 2 in return, and the best one they got in return is rated below at least two of the guys that left, according to On3 transfer ratings.

Louisville is killing it in high school recruiting though. They signed #22, #27, #72 and #76 players. #22 is Trent Flowers that Muss was after and #27 is 7-1 Dennis Evans that most major schools were after.