Portal synopsis

Richard, feel free to take over or add.

Menifield – Committed
Mark (Houston) – down to us and 3 others, deciding soon
Battle (Temple) – visiting 4/6
Spears (Georgetown) – plans to visit his top 4 including us
Mack (Wofford) – has us in top 5, plans to visit in late April
Cryer (Baylor) has heard from us
Ingram (Stanford) just entered the portal, we recruited him hard out of Dallas in HS
Ware (Oregon) – rumored to be a silent commit
Perry (North Texas) – plans to visit
Olivari (Rice) – ditto
From below
Handlogten (Marshall)
Estrada (Hofstra)
Wright (Vandy)

Anybody significant I’m missing?

So that’s 13 names for a 13-man roster with one portal commit and two signed freshmen. Obviously we aren’t going to get anywhere near all of these guys, but a shooter and some size would be nice (Mack would seem to provide both).

One more:
Dickinson (Michigan) had Zoom meeting with Hogs on 4/4


Are we not kicking the tires on Dickinson?

Maryland just hired Dickinson’s HS coach as an assistant. So they may be in the driver’s seat. Whether we kicked the tires, dunno.


I would include these too:

Hofstra’s Aaron Estrada

Marshall big Micah Handlogten

Vandy’s Jordan Wright

Perry said he’s looking to visit Arkansas in a couple of weeks.

I could be forgetting someone.


Do we have any interest in Stude, RD?

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Richard do you think Pierre from Nova Southeastern is a possibility?

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I was just about to ask that same question… that kid is a freak.

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Word on the street(from another insider who is well connected to the staff as well) is Muss wants to push tempo next year and go guard heavy (will probably add at least one more )with plenty of shooters which is kind of what I thought he might do since we could not shoot a lick from outside this year and I could tell he was losing hair everyday over it!

FWIW Cryer the great guard from Baylor is looking to see who will let him play some PG.

Estrada is a stud!! And well may be an option as a combo guard that he’s looking for…20 ppg…36% from 3 80% from the line

He still wants a strong 5 and Mack is still a very high priority I don’t see Ware being a strong five however

Handlogton looks really good but probably better on defense where he averaged 2 blocks a game than offense where he averaged 7 but he has a very nice looking stroke so maybe a situation where he didn’t get the ball a whole lot.

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Length and a shooter. I say yes but haven’t been able to get a hold of him.

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Abmas has connections to his favorite coach who just moved to Wichita and Cryer says he does not know much about AR. Interestingly Cryer kept a lot of coaching phone numbers from his HS recruitment.

Take Wright off the list. Corndogs.

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We didn’t want Wright? I was hopeful he was a target

Wright committed to LSU. Whether we really wanted him or not, we didn’t get him.

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