Portal still paying off for Pittman, Razorbacks

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The portal has turned recruiting upside down, the most important aspect of the portal I believe is to have a coaching staff that can evaluate the personnel in the pool. You can see what these guys have done or not done at their previous school on the field, but knowing if the guy will buy in and provide help immediately or be a 2 on the depth chart is a challenge. I think our staff has done a excellent job in this area and hopefully will continue to make good decisions that will address our areas of deficiencies . So far our it seems like CSP and staff have improved our team through the portal very well. WPS

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I think we got an All-American out of it for this year. Drew Sanders is freakin AWESOME.


I think the portal rules and the NIL deals have totally changed the landscape for college recruiting. Some of your P5 schools will no longer have to rely on only trying to find untested High School talent to plug immediate holes. Now, they can scan the other colleges for tested players that fit their needs. Then through back channels get the word to them that there would be a sweet NIL deal if they’d be willing to jump in the portal and consider coming to a new school. Basically backdoor free agency.

The new school gets a tested player that way and doesn’t have to depend on the hit or miss scouting / projection of HS talent.

If I were a Blue Chip Player in the SEC and I were looking for a better opportunity, it would be rather obvious which schools are on the rise and which ones are losing momentum. I wouldn’t need back channels, though we all know it’s happening, to know which school are gaining momentum, have great facilities, outstanding fan base, excellent coaching staff that wants to stay intact, previous success from other portal players and regularly gets fantastic media coverage. I genuinely think recruiting is about to take a giant leap forward and that will be directly tied to this season’s success.

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