Portal #'s?

Saw this tweet and question the number of portal transfers for us. Who are the 14?

I just copied and pasted the very last link on his post. It shows every player for every SEC team. Looks like there are actually 15. Below is just the list for Arkansas.


Entered the portal:

P Reid Bauer

WR Jaquayln Crawford

DB Khari Johnson

RB James Jointer

QB Malik Hornsby

WR Ketron Jackson

DL Taylor Lewis

DB/WR Chase Lowery

TE Erin Outley

DB Keuan Parker

DB Myles Slusher

DE Eric Thomas Jr.

WR Warren Thompson

DB Jacorrei Turner

S Zach Zimos

Commitments from the portal:

OL Josh Braun (Florida) 2021 stats: Started in seven of the 13 games he appeared in at left and right guard, appeared in two games in 2022.

I found 16 since 12/5, plus 3 more from prior to, or during, the season.

According to his twitter, Rara Thomas has received an offer from the Hogs.

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It looks like maybe your 247 list includes walk-ons and the original post does not?

Thanks for that. I did not realize it was that many, but only a few that were contributors.

Parker did dress out for several games, though I don’t think he got on the field much. His departure is a slight surprise, but he may figure his chances went down with McAdoo’s emergence late season and the fact we are apparently looking hard for DB upgrades in the portal. Zimos is a Morris holdover who never really played.

The only one of the recent announcements that was a little disappointing to me was Ketron Jackson.

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The portal is very tough on walk-on prospects. A walk-on could be close to filling a void left by recruiting mistakes. Boom, here comes someone from portal. Drew Sanders may have gutted Jackson Woodard’s chance this year.

I look at our list and think “it’s probably best these players have moved on, change is good sometimes”

Outside of K Jackson, who Richard hinted might even be coming back, I don’t see anyone who couldn’t be replaced…

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