Portal Possibilities

• Marvin Johnson, G, 6-6, 190, Eastern Illinois
• Jayden Gardner, F, 6-7, 235, East Carolina
• Christian Bishop, F, 6-7, 220, Creighton
• Taze Moore, G-F, 6-5, 185, CSU Bakersfield
• Jonathan Lawson, SF, 6-7, 180, Memphis Wooddale (Oregon signee - released)
• Chandler Lawson, F, 6-8, 205, Oregon

And I’m sure there are others

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It’s like the whole darn roster could transfer every year and Muss would just go, “OK, next”.

I like Christian Bishop the best on that list. What realistic chance with him?

Dudley are the Lawson Brothers real possibilities?

For that to happen , we would need two more to leave correct ? Moody to the NBA and another transfer…

If we replaced Moody with the younger Lawson and say Bay Bay with the older Lawson… adding to
What we have now , It would be a pretty stacked roster …

I’d love to get some Memphis back on this roster as well!

Thoughts ??

Who do we have the best shot at?

How many spots do we have left?

Zero numerically right now.

But my educated guess would be 1, 2 or even 3.

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I would likely bet on the Lawsons to Memphis, but we’ll see.

Not something I can accurately answer right now.

Situation is fluid.

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It’s been more like a tidal wave this week.

Bishop is a legit option.

Moving parts.

Only EM and his staff really know

Muss basically had a revolving roster every year in D league ball. If he’s comfortable with it, I’m fine with it. Pretty much the same premise as the one and done schools

Difference is the portal guys have already adjusted to college ball and to actually being coached. Unlike, say, the Jellycat class of 2020.

Get Bishop and then focus on '22/23. Probably should just cut ties with Okwera. Something up with him.

I would love to have Okwera for a year. However, it’s beginning to look like he’s not planning on taking the college route to the NBA. In the clips I’ve seen of him, he looks about NBA ready now.

I guess I just dreamed that Bishop had already announced for Kansas. I know a few days ago, at least some people thought both Bishop and Umude would be Jayhawks.

I’d love for them both to be Hogs instead.

I hate to dare throw any cold water on all this excitement, but I believe it’s a fine line in balancing the need to constantly assess and improve our roster with a few experienced players and being a very attractive school for high level high school players wanting (needing) more than a year or two in college. Loyalty and commitment both come to mind – it is very much a two sided coin. I’m sure Muss is very aware of this dynamic in today’s game, but I’m a little uncertain as to where this is all headed.

Many have criticized Calipari’s one and done philosophy as having changed the college game in a negative way. Seems like we (the college game in general) may be approaching that with the use of the transfer portal and the constant shuffling of players. Maybe that’s just where we’re at. For me, that’s sad to see.

I think we have reached a point in recruiting, where it is going to be harder to get any on your list to come here. With the addition of the last three transfers, there is only a limited PT available and these recruits know that. I don’t think any on your list is transferring unless they are comfortable they are going to get significant PT.

I have a hunch, we will enter next season with 1 or even 2 scholarships open.

Loyalty? Commitment? What’s that?

Yes, it is a bit sad.

I have said this before. As long as Muss is here, we won’t see any feel good stories like Michael Qualls and Mason Jones coming out of nowhere. I don’t think Muss has the patience to develop real raw talent.

Again there is nothing wrong with Muss recruiting strategy. It is a winning, low risk and quick results strategy. It works very well.