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Is the last day a player can enter the portal April 30? Can visits still be made after the portal closes? This portal stuff , to me is sure confusing.

Which sport? It makes a difference.

The football portal does close April 30. Other fall sports have a May 1-15 window.

The basketball portal runs for 60 days from the day after Selection Sunday. This year, that expires May 11.

Spring sports have a 15-day window in December, and a 45-day window starting the day after the NCAA championship fields are chosen in their sport. For baseball, the selection is May 29, so the window will run from the 30th to mid-July.

The deadlines are simply for players to enter the portal. Visits can happen, and players can commit/sign financial aid agreements, after the portal closes.

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Thanks, that answers my questions

See above. Football portal does close to new entries Sunday, but players can commit to new schools after that.

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