Portal Jumping

Not saying this is everyone… some just want a fresh start, maybe a better chance a playing time, clean slate with coaches, etc…

Still I have to wonder about this reason and if its viable.

Leaving high school, EVERY player thinks they are going to the NFL. After a few years in college, reality sets in and many realize the NFL is not in their future. SO if they want to earn Football Money, they better get an NIL deal. Now the best deals are going to be for those players that are most likely NFL bound. So I have to wonder if some are entering the portal just to see if they can get some better deal for a chance to earn in their last year.

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Given the hundreds who enter, I’d say that’s probably true of at least some.

Maybe someone can explain this to me. Opening the portal BEFORE the bowl game makes as much sense opening the portal in basketball on the Monday after the first round of the NCAA tournament. None, zip zero zilch.



Not every team makes a bowl; there are about 50 FBS teams that don’t. You gonna make the kids at a 2-10 school wait until January? Not to mention, you want to find the new school in time to enroll for the spring semester.

Yea that pesky semester/quarter problem I guess is an issue.

One thought is finish the year, see how spring ball goes and then make a decision. Teams will still be looking for players and will know better what their needs are then.
The players are on scholarship so it is not costing them money. Of course if a player like Jackson left because he was offered more money then I guess he would be losing, BUT that is illegal and the team should pay a high price.
It is a free country and they can leave anytime they want, but that doesn’t mean they should be put on scholarships.
Coaches should also have to honor their contracts.

That is a thought. Another thought is get to the new school, go through spring ball and learn the new system. I can’t blame anyone who wants to do that.

As long as academic participation and progress is connected to college football the academic side of things has to play a part in the logistics.

I realize that some advocate a full separation of academics from football. This is not for you, unfortunately.

Given early enrollees, online courses, dual enrollment while in HS, you could easily ask for 6-12 hours of college credit at a 2.0 GPA before they are eligible to play at any school. It would inspire mid-term transfers and largely eliminate spring transfers. LOTS of issues there. But, it is a draft idea to begin with.

Moving HS recruitment away from the portal recruitment “season” would help. That is probably the easier step - move HS early signing from December to mid-August, ala baseball and basketball who sign early before their seasons begin.

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