Portal Help?

The football staff went after experienced D Linemen in the past off season.

What position(s) currently need the most help from experienced portal players?

I think we will still need help everywhere except maybe QB and RB. We lose a lot of starters next year to graduation or the NFL (potentially). If Cat or Burks comes back, that would be a shock and a huge win. But we are so thin, we need to take as seven SEC quality players if we can find them. If I am picking top needs, it’s DL, DE, CB, and S- in that order. Then TE, OL, WR, QB.

We need a lot of help to shore up the loss of super seniors and gain a notch in depth.

I would say linebackers and defensive lineman

I get DL being a concern, but have we even seen enough from our existing LBs to know they are a weak link? Or is this just from an experience point of view? We have had Pool, Henry, and Morgan around for a lot of games. That doesn’t leave anyone else much field time.

DL, maybe a grad TE.

They have some young LBs that probably are physically more gifted and have a higher ceiling than the three who do the work now.

That being said, those three guys have played an incredible amount of football. Mentally the game has slowed down for them. Physically, they are not world beaters, but they do provide a solid core for the defense-good enough to keep the program going forward this season.

The staff is of course trying to win now. It’s really hard to play the youngsters they’ve brought in the last two years, who you know are going to have growing pains, when they are not head and shoulders above the older guys.

I think it helps the program in the long run not to have to play the young LBs a lot this season. We might need to get another vet LB from the portal for a transition year, but we are likely going to be better off down the road by not playing the young LBs(and OL) much this year.

and the one caveat here is what does Bumper Pool do? Does he graduate and try his luck in the NFL or does he stick around and take the Covid year?

Just a guess, but I’d bet it depends on the feed back from the NFL about his possible draft spot. He seems to love playing for the Razorbacks, so if he doesn’t grade in the first 5 rounds, he just might come back for his “super senior” year. He would certainly be received with open arms.

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For sure.

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