Portal ? eligibility

Do students entering the portal have to have same academic standing as if he was remaining in his current program or is it like coming from high School -clean beginning if you qualify to enter the school, l? I assume so but wondered as time line is close to end of semester as well.

If you’re not eligible at the old school, you won’t be eligible at the new school. I think that’s what you’re asking.

See Fouche at LSU.

The academic issue Foucha had could have gotten him a rear end chewing and part of the reason for the portal and move to LSU!

Foucha’s problem at LSU was some of his UA classes wouldn’t transfer down there.

That was kinda my ? NCAA says it has to be good when he leaves school A but also must match conference and new school B requirements. Since those are often different, I wondered like Foucha how much risk falls to school or individual. Nothing is simple or easy in most things but seems kind like a land rush with all entering portal.

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