Portal additions across the SEC

Prep commits/signees and roster additions from the transfer portal since the end of the 2020-21 season. This will update regularly.

G 5-7 Chris Lykes — Miami, Fla.
G/F 6-6 Au’Diese Toney — Pitt
G/F 6-6 Stanley Umude — South Dakota
G 6-7 Jaxson Robinson — Texas A&M

G 6-5 Chance Moore ••••

F 7-1 Walker Kessler — UNC
G 6-1 Zap Jasper — College of Charleston
G 5-11 Wendell Green — Eastern Kentucky
G 6-1 KD Johnson – Georgia

F 6-10 Jabari Smith •••••

G 6-4 Nimari Burnett — Texas Tech
F 6-8 Noah Gurley — Furman

G 6-3 JD Davison •••••
G 6-6 Jusaun Holt ••••
F 6-11 Charles Bediako ••••

F 6-9 Oscar Tshiebwe — West Virginia
G 6-5 Kellan Grady — Davidson
G 6-3 CJ Fredrick — Iowa
G 5-9 Sahvir Wheeler — Georgia

F 6-9 Daimion Collins •••••
G 6-3 TyTy Washington •••••
F 6-7 Bryce Hopkins ••••

F 6-6 C.J. Felder — Boston College
G 6-3 Myreon Jones — Penn State
G 6-4 Phlandrous Fleming — Charleston Southern
G 6-3 Brandon McKissic — UM-Kansas City

G 6-6 Kowacie Reeves ••••

G 6-2 Xavier Pinson — Missouri
F 6-8 Tari Eason — Cincinnati
G 6-3 Adam Miller — Illinois

F 6-9 Jerrell Colbert •••
G 6-5 Brandon Murray ••••
F 6-8 Bradley Ezewiro •••
F 6-11 Efton Reid •••••

G 6-6 Justin Powell — Auburn

G 6-1 Kennedy Chandler •••••
F 6-9 Brandon Huntley-Hatfield •••••
F 6-11 Jonas Aidoo ••••
F 6-5 Jahmai Mashack ••••
G 6-6 Quentin Diboundje •••

G 6-4 Dajuan Gordon — Kansas State
G 6-3 Amari Davis — Green Bay
G 6-5 Jarron Coleman — Ball State

G 6-0 Anton Brookshire •••
F 6-9 Yaya Keita •••
F 6-7 Trevon Brazile •••
F 6-7 Sean Durugordon •••
G 6-6 Kaleb Brown

Ole Miss
G 6-3 Tye Fagan — Georgia
F 7-0 Nysier Brooks — Miami, Fla.
F 6-8 Jaemyn Brakefield — Duke

G 5-9 Daeshun Ruffin ••••
G 6-5 James White •••
F 6-9 Eric Van Der Heijden •••
G 6-5 Grant Slatten •••

G 6-7 Jabri Abdur-Rahim — Virginia
G 6-6 Noah Baumann — USC
F 6-7 Jailyn Ingram — FAU
F 6-10 Braelen Bridges — Univ. of llinois-Chicago
G 6-1 Aaron Cook – Gonzaga

G 6-3 Christian Wright •••
G 6-5 Camron McDowell •••
F 6-9 Tyrone Baker •••
F 6-6 Dalen Ridgnal
G 6-4 Kario Oquendo

Mississippi State
F 6-7 D.J. Jeffries — Memphis
F 6-10 Garrison Brooks — North Carolina
G 6-1 Shakeel Moore — NC State
G 6-2 Rocket Watts — Michigan State

G 6-3 Camryn Carter ••••
F 6-10 KeShawn Murphy •••
F 6-7 Aiden Applewhite •••

South Carolina
G 6-3 Erik Stevenson — Washington
F 6-7 A.J. Wilson — George Mason
G 6-2 Chico Carter — Murray State
G 6-4 James Reese — North Texas

G 6-4 Devin Carter ••••
G 6-2 Jacobi Wright •••
F 6-7 TaQuan Woodley •••
F 6-6 Carlous Williams •••

Texas A&M
F 6-8 Ethan Henderson — Arkansas
F 7-0 Javonte Brown — UConn
F 6-7 Henry Coleman — Duke
G 6-2 Marcus Williams — Wyoming
G 6-7 Jordan Hall — Saint Joseph’s

G 6-4 Manny Obaseki ••••
G 5-10 Wade Taylor ••••
F 6-9 Ahston Smith •••

F 7-0 Liam Robbins — Minnesota
G 6-1 Rodney Chatman — Dayton
F 6-8 Terren Frank — TCU

G 6-2 Peyton Daniels •••
F 6-6 Gabe Dorsey •••
G 6-4 Shane Dezonie ••••

Scottie, it’s strange that Auburn has not announced the signing of Desi, but has announced the other three transfers. I know the schools and coaches can’t announce a commitment until they are signed. Any idea what’s going on there?

Texas A&M has announced the Ethan Henderson signing.

Just don’t think he’s signed yet, but I can’t say for certain why that is. I believe he’s supposed to report in mid-May.

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Have you run across any rankings for class of 2021 based on high school recruits plus the transfers? I keep thinking some recruiting service will think that is more important than who has the top recruiting classes for high school seniors.

I haven’t, but I’ve had the same thought before. Surely someone jumps on that idea sooner rather than later.

Thanks. Also, can you list the “2021 high school commits and signees and “transfers out” on the side for each school? That will be a handy list to have at the top of the forum for reference. Sorry to create new work.

How about ranking last season’s (2020) recruiting class + 2020 transfers? I would find it very hard to find a better one, based on results, from Arkansas’ combined 2 groups. Smith, Tate, Moody, Devo and Williams. That is a starting 5, all from one year of the combined groups, that took a team to the Elite Eight that was a pre-season pick to finish 6th in the SEC.

Yeah, I’ll look into this

This is a resource you might want to bookmark:

They don’t have Iyiola listed as coming back or leaving. Did ESPN just miss him, or do they know something we don’t?

Likely just an oversight. It’s bound to happen when putting a project like that together.

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Thanks. Very helpful resource.

Nolan Hickman, the No. 22 player in the 2021 class, according to that ESPN list, has decommitted from Kentucky.

I have noticed there have been some incoming freshmen decommitments like Trey Alexander. Signing portal transfers in their projected spot is taking a toll. Someone has posted that from now on early commitments may be tough to get from Top 50 recruits, who would want assurance of PT before they commit.

Makes sense. Glad we have Muss, who was way ahead of the game concerning the portal.They probably need to let players go directly from high school to the NBA again too, and I think they will.

I mentioned that somewhere PJ, the portal will reduce getting early commitments from top recruits. How could it not?
The portal as structured now can practically flip a roster on a yearly basis. It’s still up to the coaches to manage egos and instill team work with that. So far Muss seems to be as good any doing that.
Before a recruit could actually somewhat monitor his favorite college rosters to see where he fits as a freshman coming in. Now it will be a continuous revolving door of good experienced players.

It will be interesting to follow and see if this flipping of the roster truly works year after year. It worked last year here. Now every school seems to be doing that, And there are many good coaches out there and they will manage egos just like Muss does. I don’t think he is alone in the ability to do that.

But let’s see if this new way of building a program is the future or just the present. I think another smart coach may counter the new way by building the program the old fashioned way or some other yet unthought of way and win big and it may change again.

I will not be surprised if Muss himself is sitting around thinking that they have all caught up to me on the transfer portal and now I got to find something different to be one step ahead. He is a born innovator and it will be very interesting to watch what he does next.

PJ agree on all points here. Especially Muss maybe taking another approach at some point now. Innovation like you said.

Coach Muss most definitely thinks outside the box.
Focus and enthusiasm as well as teaching seems to be amongst his strong points. Directed chaos.

Desi Sills has officially signed with Auburn.