Pork futures look to be going belly up...

The Hogs are looking abyssmal this year versus SEC opponents.

So far we are 5-7. Of those 5 wins, 4 come from teams with a
combined 7-41 record and one of those 7 wins was against us!!

Missouri 3-9 (one of those wins was against Arkansas)
Texas A&M 3-9
Georgia 1-11
Vanderbilt 0-12

LSU is the anomaly on the Hogs scorecard. They are 11-1. How
we won that game I have no clue. The stars, planets, and all
the heavenly bodies must have lined up here I think.

Currently we are 5-7 conference, and 14-11 overall. We have
6 game left in the season, then at least 1 SEC Tourney game.
Thats 7 games left. They are:

@ Auburn (loss)
Texas A&M (win)
@ Kentucky (loss)
Mississippi (loss) - 1st meeting wasn’t even close 84-67 loss.
@ Vandy (toss-up) - Vandy is a hard place to win and is SR night.
Bama (toss-up) - Ark SR Night, hope we play lights out and win.
SEC Tourney Game (no clue)

Prognosis anywhere from 1-6 to 3-4 for the final 7 games. I’m
more inclined to think this team is close to tossing in the
towel (couple more losses may do that) than I’m thinking they
will go on a run. Still I think / HOPE they get at least two
more wins or we can no long claim a coach with no losing season
record in his career. 2-5 leaves Mike at 16-16… certainly not
a winning record, but not a losing one either.

I see no March Madness for Arkansas this year only March Sadness.

I hope that come the 1st weekend of the NCAA tourney that I can
enjoy a big dish of Crow Pie due to this post, but I’m not real
optimistic about it happening.

I have to wonder if Mike would take 16-16 about now
and hope for at least one win in the NIT- if we even
were to get an invite?

Is there any fire left in this team or have the cheating
refs and cheating programs finally extinguished it?

I wonder.

The NIT is not as easy to get into as it used to be.

Pretty sure 16-16 wouldn’t cut it

Cheer up, General has stated that he has “Feeleing in his bones” that the Razorbacks will win the SEC Tournament.
So, the future is bright, right?

Go Hogs!