We made a change today that we believe will eliminate the Amazon popups that reappeared over the weekend. Please let me know if you still experience them.

Matt, thank you. Not experiencing any problem right now, knock on wood.

Thank you!

I hope that helps those that were having that problem.

However, my issue remains. I just tried to log in to the message boards again, and - again - it will not let me. Continues to tell me that my password is incorrect. I can read the premium content (articles), but cannot log into the message boards. This is only on my iPhone 7 - I have no problem (knock on wood) accessing the site from my laptop, desk top or Roku.

Got anything in that black bag for a wizard?

Dave, Do you mind putting what you wrote in an email and sending it to support@wholehogsports.com? It will allow the customer service/IT staff to directly communicate with you about the problem and troubleshoot.

I sent the info in an email. We’ll see what happens.