Popcorn Indiana

Can somebody tell me why an Arkansas company didn’t buy that spot? Wal Mart, JB Hunt, Tyson…Seriously, it’s bad optics. Are they sponsoring Justin Smith?

I’m sure it’s part of a national Learfield IMG advertising campaign, no different than the Gatorade banner on the other end of the floor or several other ads you can see on TV.

Just watching the first few minutes of the second half I’ve seen several non-Arkansas companies with prime ad space in the arena: Ball Park, Libman, Persil, Ford, State Farm, Post, Toyota, Energizer, Burger King.

But none of those has another state (and a basketball school) prominently featured on a tarp on TV. I don’t care how much Popcorn Indiana paid, it still looks bad. I have never even heard of Popcorn Indiana. It’s bush league to me. Surely we are better than that.

The world doesn’t revolve around those several NW Arkansas companies. NW Arkansas might, but there’s a much bigger economy out there that’s not driven by Wal Mart. I suggest expanding your commercial horizons. Non issue to me and I dare say most others.

I’ll lead the charge to get a Little Debbie tarp in that spot. National brand, plant in NWA…fits in perfect.

We could hand out Oatmeal Creme pies at the door.

Unwrap a Smile…


Seems to me that many of the brands with UA signage are national brands but marketed through Walmart. I have a Libman broom at home and I suspect I bought it (at Walmart) specifically because I saw their signage at BWA. I think Popcorn Indiana is the same way.

But Little Debbie should jump on, LD.

Of course Walmart is almost everywhere but its particularly strong in the SEC states, so they know their signage will be seen on SECN by lots of people who shop at Walmart. At least that’s my guess.

Interesting fact: Debbie McKee Fowler was the plant manager of our plant in Gentry back in the 90’s. She is the real life Little Debbie. Her grand parents branded our products after her. Debbie had season tickets to Razorback basketball games for years and attended many games. She is now Chairman of the Board and has been back in Chattanooga for years. I have so much respect for Debbie and her family. Great folks.

And Jeff…I’d head up to Marketing to pitch that tarp idea today. Unfortunately I’ve been retired going on 4 years. And I’ll wager the popcorn folks have a season contract.

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Pitch it anyway, by email or whatever.

The tarp thing is new, but Libman has been on the padding under the BWA baskets for several years. I think they use a Libman mop to clean sweat off the floor after players fall down. I suspect those products on the tarp have season contracts, as you mentioned. And as Matt mentioned, it’s probably done through Learfield IMG.

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I went to the Popcorn Indiana website and clicked “where to find us” and put in Fayetteville’s zip code, As I expected, they’re sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club. They’re also sold at Walgreens and CVS pharmacies and convenience stores. So its around NWA. Probably around you too, but you’ve never noticed. It looks like their products are in single-serving bags that you’d find near the potato chips or whatever.

That company makes the best chocolate drizzled popcorn in a bag that I’ve ever eaten. And yes, I buy it at Walmart.

Love it, LD!

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