Pop ups

Is there a way to stop the constant pop up ads from appearing every time I open a topic? Driving me crazy. I am as far from tech savvy as you can get but these are out of hand. Any ideas??

What kind of device are you using to view the site and what browser? I do not see popups on my iphone or Macbook, but I understand it is an issue for some.

Our IT staff is aware of the problem. Any information you can share might be able to help them correct it.

Matt, i’m using my iPhone and Amazon pops up every now and then, you can close the pop-up out but you have to go back and get back on the site. It’s a congratulations Deal, prolly spam.

It is also happening to me.

Download free Adblock here: http://download.cnet.com/s/adblock/
Get it from the app store for your phone too.
I use it for Google Chrome on my laptop & on my Android phone. It sometimes prevents some windows from opening but you can configure it to allow them to load. It blocks about 90% of ads.


Not having much success. It’s really irritating to have to continually go back out every time I click on a story.

What browser/device are you using?

I’m on an iPhone and I constantly get spam pop ups…

I’ve been fighting these pop ups for over a month. I added Purify to help block them which worked for a couple of weeks. Then they were back. This week I changed my browser from google to yahoo and they have not reappeared.


I mostly use my IPad for WHS. The constant pop-ups at the bottom center of my screen is driving me nuts. I close the pop-up and another appears within a minute. The pop-ups are for everything from time share sales to tofu restaurants. If this continues for another 2 weeks then I will cancel my subscription. Yep, there are alternative sources for Razorback info that do not have these annoying pop-ups.

I have this same problem on my iphone and it is making the site unviewable. It hijacks your browser trying to get you to buy something and you can’t back out of is. I have had this problem for some time now and it is only on this site. Something needs to be done about it by your tech guys.

A good 40% of the right side of my screen is taken up
by an add that changes periodically.
Is this normal for this board? I don’t see this on most
of the other sites I frequent.


A good 40% of the right side of my screen is taken up
by an add that changes periodically.
Is this normal for this board? I don’t see this on most
of the other sites I frequent.

[/quote]Yes, it is normal unless you use an ad-blocker. I use Adblock Plus for Firefox on my laptop and Purify on my iPad and iPhone. Using those blockers allows the site to open much faster, especially when not using WiFi.

I use an IPad . Safari. Very frustrating

iPhone 6s using Safari and has the latest version of iOS 11.x

Started yesterday with me and getting worse. Amazon pop-ups only so far and only on my iPhone. I don’t experience it on my various PCs and it only happens on HI.

I don’t know if this helps or not, but like others are stating, it’s very frustrating.

The video in the tweet in this linked thread actually works: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14047

The IT team working on the Wholehogsports.com web server is worse than the Razorback basketball team tonight… this is crazy. As an lifelong IT guy… multiple days to resolve a problem caused by a power outage is ridiculous. The Demazette, at Little Rock is struggling.

On your iphone or ipad, you have the ability to block popups in your settings. Perhaps that will correct the issue for many of you.

Go to Settings>Safari>Block Pop-ups

Thanks, Marty, I’ll try to get a clean download of
Adblock Plus for Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge.
I use all three of those at different times.