Poor situational awareness

At the plate the hogs showed they get themselves out! Swinging out of strike zone and not looking the other way. Failing to score with the runners on 3rd with 0 outs or 1 out.
The defense made just enough poor plays and decisions to give this one away. The ball to Ezell should have been fielded by the 2b. That throw was just bad.
The throws by Pluckett to 2B was just bad there’s no other way to explain it. A K and he fail to block the ball and the batter reaches first. Then later in game the announcers mention he did a good job blocking a ball. Impress me so it on stoke 3 and tag the hitter! He is a liability behind the plate and hitting. Despite his home run I’d rather have Optiz behind the plate.
They needed to get humbled and they got it today.
The pitchers better learn not to miss right down broadway like they did today.

I’m glad to see Martin get a few hits but it would be nice with the bases loaded to see him wait on a pitch to drive and stop trying to yank everything. Heston had a couple od hits. The freshmen shined with some good AB’s. Learn from what happened today !

had plenty of chances to score a whole lot more runs but what was really dissapointing to me was our Bullpen who got hammered by a SEC type offense.Scroggins better sleep well and come out with A+ game or we are in big trouble and we will see another of thier LH pitchers.We will have play much better or we will lose the series.

I hope Scroggins has a good outing. The defensive head scratchers got LA Tech back in it. Ezell would be good in the DH spot. Get him off the field.