Poor practice has Dominique Reed down the depth chart

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Of all the bad things from Saturday, the way Reed played was the most disappointing to me. I am glad to see the staff challenging him. He just needs to realize he’s come too far to let his senior year, and a real chance go on to the next level, slip away.

These are the chances you take on a Juco. They took the juco route for a reason. In some cases, it works out. (Tretola, Spaight etc) in some cases you get a reed. He flashes wondrous potential, however he cant get out of his own way.

Hopefully the light comes back on for Reed, I think it will, Enos and CBB will see to it.

I am not high on calling out college kids on message boards. Obviously journalists have a different role that can and should include objective evaluation of specific players. I have no problem with stories, they are unavoidable.

Still I don’t think us old farts need to be venting on players by name. Don’t get me wrong, I am tempted. There were a couple of players I wanted to call out after Saturday night, but when I think that they are kids 1/3 my age it just doesn’t feel right.

Not criticizing anyone here. Just expressing my personal softening on calling out player failures by name.

This time, finetimeswine, it was the head coach who called him (Reed) out.

“This time, finetimeswine, it was the head coach who called him (Reed) out.”

Yep. Enough said…

Bret Bielema will praise players and call them out. He holds them accountable. When he does both, he has good reasons. I have no problem with him doing that.

This has been building for a while. I remember a comment in the off season by CBB about Reed’s commitment to nutrition and getting his body ready to play… I think he commented then the skill will only take you so far… Talented kid. Hope he gets it together soon.

On the positive side, Cody Hollister bounced back from having the dropsies in the opener, to making some pretty impressive catches.