Poor Laura Rutledge.....

She has to be all smiles and happiness while interviewing the
hogs after they just kicked the ass of her alma mater Florida.


If I ever knew it, I’d forgotten she went there. You know she was sick about the outcome. Well, her disappointment is more than outweighed by the happiness here in my chair.

She’s a professional. She has to cover all 14 SEC schools 12 months a year. Pat Bradley can’t be rooting for MA either

Well, they can’t be seen doing it and certainly the pros are good about reporting objectively, but you have to know in their heart of hearts they’re pulling for their alma mater. There’s nothing wrong with that.

She has become friends with Van Horn. And, her husband is friends with Benintendi. She can be happy for the Hogs, since they are an SEC team. I’ve been around her a few times and she is always talking up the Hogs.

The way she interviews the AR players is like she some Hog in her heart as well.

she is the best! always get tickled watching theses young guys not even be able to look her in the eye she is so Gorgeous! its funny especially Martin last night LOL,she would be fun to hang out with!

Its entertaining to watch her do an interview. Even the sleeping fan in the stands a few days ago they sent her up to where she was and she interacting with the fans around the man sleeping. She seems to really enjoy her job. She should try to take PF’s place on that show.

I’ll jump into this just to say that I’ve never been a fan of the sideline reporter thing. Won’t bog this down with all the reasons why - suffice to say “I don’t like 'em!”.

But I will say that Laura does about the best job of anyone I’ve ever seen perform that role. She’s extremely personable, has a very pleasant manor and actually asks pretty good questions - a rarity for these folks. I don’t know what her long-term goals in the business are, but you don’t get the feeling from her that she’s simply “serving time” in this role until she can get out and move up - even if that’s what she is thinking.

Besides being a really beautiful woman, she has a great personality and charisma. She is funny and entertaining. She is my favorite.

Her only problem is she has to look at Paul Finebaum for 4 hours every day. That has to be brutal.

To expand on Jhawgs comment: all-too-often its grossly obvious some sideline reporters are hired strictly because of their looks. We can all name a few. Laura Rutledge is similarly gorgeous. Her smile could power a major city.

But…she also really knows her stuff. And Jhawg is right…there is a certain charisma and grace about her. She’s absolutely terrific.

She is richly blessed. Beauty and charisma are bankable for a beautiful woman.
She, fortunately, seems to be a great professional at her job.
Like beautiful art and architecture, she is very pleasant on the eyes.