Poor Harris cannot shoot.

Playing 4 on 5 on offense.

3 on 5. Adrio and Harris were on the floor.
That’s easy. Play Desi, Joe, Jones Chaney and Gaffor. (Emery-Simpson).

Mendoza line of shooters

He can’t even make free throws when they count. Why pick and roll with him, what do we expect him to do? May be one of the worse shooting guards in Arkansas history.

I think his stats for the last two games 64 minutes 3pts.

I hate to bash the young man but he has gotten worse. He can’t create because he is not respected as a shooter.

I still think Harris is a good point guard, but TONIGHT, he left a lot to be desired in this game.

0 for 9 from the field. With the defense completely sagging off of him. 1 out of 3 from the free throw line. Add in Gabe 0-3 & Adrio 0-2, you have 64 minutes with 1 pt. on 0-14 shooting. Would have loved to see more of Embery-Simpson, not sure if he got hurt or what. Would also like to see more of Ethan Henderson. I find it hard to believe he can hurt is any worse than Gabe or Adrio.

The good that Gabe and Adrio do on defense they triple in their lack of production on the offensive end. They are both poor at setting screens. That’s where they could improve.
Maybe Desi and Emery-Simpson get more playing time. I just can’t believe a point guard shots that bad from the field and the free throw line.

We stopped moving on offense and they smothered Joe. Harris could get by his man but couldn’t finish or find the open man. 2 dead spots on offense is so hard to overcome. Liked our fight.

Harris in conference play:

Three pointers: 4-34 11.8%
Two pointers: 31-78 39.7%

He’s playing 31 minutes a game and is attempting 7.4 shots per game, and is averaging 7.2 ppg. He is also shooting less than 58% from the foul line.

His assist to turnover ratio is 2.1, but at 4.8 assists per game that is another indicator that teams are not consistently playing help defense when he gets past a defender, especially late in the clock. The book on Harris is you let him shoot it outside and challenge him from six feet in.

He is also just an average defender as guards go in MA’s system. Quick point guards have gotten past him too often, and he’s only got 11 steals in 15 conference games. He’s not a bad defender, but his defense does not cancel out his lack of scoring.