Poor footing comment by Bielema

Did he really tell Geno Bell on Saturday during halftime that our defense was struggling because we had poor footing? Was the field bad or is this just another excuse?

I know they adjusted their alignment after the half. Not sure if that is what he meant. I know they were doing things better.

Ole Miss has a grass field now, and right now not a very good one. Really chewed up, looks like it hasn’t really set up very good yet. Don’t know how it looked on TV, but in person you could see divots all over the field. Looked nothing like the grass fields of Alabama, LSU, or Mississippi St.

Honest question: Did you watch the game? There were tons of slips all over the place.

Did you not see it? I’m not saying that justifies what we saw leading up to 31-7. Both teams have to play on the same field and you have to adjust.

But, I sure noticed a ton of slips and a field that generally looked like it was in very bad condition. I saw Ramsey slip several times and it looked like Tolliver did, too, on some big OM gains. I also saw our RBs struggle on cut backs.

The field looked awful.

As I recall. they went to turf several years ago because of a recurring problem with fungus. My understanding was that it would be very difficult to ever grow a good grass field on that site. Not sure why they went back to it.

Maybe they should give the turf management guys over at Starkville a call. :smiley:

Mississippi St.'s field always looks first rate. Ole Miss would probably be better off going back to turf.

I’m told they have good grass all around Oxford, not that I would ever know. And lots of good vodka water. Good turf? Not so sure about that.

I walked across the field after the game Saturday. It was beat up pretty bad.

Seems like we’ve hired a few people over the years who went through the Moo U turf management program. However, I don’t know that Moo U grads could stomach working for That School Up North. Of course, OM doesn’t have turf management or anything else that could be labeled as agriculture.

Turf at Oxford did look pretty bad on TV.

I hate turf but I understand why schools like it.

I don’t know if it was the case here, but some cleats do better on some types of turf than others. If OM was aware of the issues, it’s possible they had better cleats for it. To that extent, one team can have an advantage over another.

I remarked that it looked like Solider Field in November.


Not to mention Ole Miss plays on that surface several times and is used to its condition, whereas Arkansas does every two years.

If we’re using shoes with changeable cleats, and I don’t know if we are, then we should have a variety of cleats of different lengths, etc., that could be changed out. If our shoes have molded soles that can’t be altered, then a bad choice of shoes for a road game could absolutely hamper us. Unless we take a second set of shoes for the entire team with different cleats.



I would think they have good drainage, but we got to Oxford Friday night to set up on their “hallowed ground” they call the Grove and it POURED rain…HEAVY rain and the Grove was certainly fit for Hogs come Saturday with all the mud. The field may have also held some moisture…I think it rained most of Friday night into Saturday morning in Oxford.