Poor Dickie V

He has done impressive things over the years.

BUT his team lost and somebody should put together a Moses highlight real, VS his team.

What do you think?

I just want to see dick vitales face on that dude getting REJECTED at the rim falling straight on his back :shock:

He won’t give Mosses any praise! He will talk about the blue bloods! Let’s all try to drop the Dick Vitale issue. I’ve had a good day avoiding thinking about him!

It is sweet! Moses stuck it into Dickie V. He had his best game of his career (24 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocked shots).


Dicky V probably lost it when he seen that flagrant foul. Because you know he’s so concerned about the kids not getting hurt. And Barford could have easily got hurt on that play or it could have easily started a fight. I’m going to check his twitter now, I know he voiced his complaint about that and called the Seton Hall player a mouse and gave a lecture for kids not to do stuff like that at home. :roll:

Dickie is confused why Beasley didn’t play.

:lol: :lol: