Poor Cal...

This guy is too much.
Always crying about “starting five freshmen”.
Well, yeah dude. That is your product. That’s what you freaking sell.
That’s how/why you get usually 5 of the TOP FROSH IN THE COUNTRY year after year.
That, and you cheat.

But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t pitch it to recruits/families, base your program on that approach, then cry because you have team full of young guys!

He’s insufferable. Probably, in my mind, the most intolerable coach in basketball right now.
I just don’t understand why he never gets called out on this nonsense.

There. Rant over. I feel better.
Let’s please just kick their sorry butts tonight!

Never called out? History says he’s been called out for the disaster he left UMASS, the disaster he was in the NBA, the disaster he left at Memphis, and soon to be, the disaster at Kentucky. The question isn’t why doesn’t he called out? The question is why don’t teams care when they continue to hire him disaster after disaster? He will be fired from KY at some point, and he will get another job and remain relevant, for reasons neither you nor I will ever understand.

Right. I get you.

I just feel like if I were a reporter doing an interview or a story on him, and he started the nonsense about starting freshmen, being young etc…
I’d have to say, are you freaking kidding me?
I guess that’s considered poor form, questioning the great Cal.

There are players across the country whom transferred from Kentucky that are making plays for thier new team.
Lee at California for one!
He recruits them if they don’t work out he sends them packing.
NBA. Booker could have had a great college career but he went to Kentucky and was buried behind high profile blue shippers that had more hype. Kids need to wake up and see the real Greaseball for who and what he is.