Pool, Nicholls, Ferrell, Bishop & Montaric Brown

That’s an LB, a DE, an NT a CB and a S. Do these guys get on the field next year? If so, do they make our Defense better? I know they will be raw and make mistakes. However, they would seem to add speed, athleticism and decent size to our D.

I feel Poole; Ferrell and Brown will see the field in a big way next year. Wood will add depth also at WR.

For the last two years we have seen enough of this defense. with the exception of few, the rest needs to be replaced before we can show effective improvements.

I think there is some pretty good returning talent on the Defensive side. Sosa should be a dominating player next year. Ramsay has shown signs of being really good. Just needs to be more consistent. Capps is solid. Guidry and Marshall, appear to be good young D- linemen. Scoota is a player. Pulley is a potential all SEC corner and Curl is a talented young corner who will have a year of experience under his belt. Ramirez is one our better players. With the right DC and a little more depth, I think this Defense can be much better. That’s what I hope the players I mentioned will give us. It would certainly be hard to be any worse than what we have seen the past couple of seasons.

Brown and Pool will be on the field. I would guess Brown could be in the rotation in the back end. I would guess that Pool could be on special teams. I am always hesitant to say that a linemen will play in his first season. There is need, that’s for sure.