Pooh Paul is a Thumper…

I went back and watched the game last night, and he flashes at LB. Good closing speed and tackles through the offensive player. He’s a good one.


The great Wayne Harris would smile.

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I was at WMS in Little Rock as a young boy when the Thumper hit Don Meredith. He was out cold. Harris was not big, but he just hit so hard.

He plays the position the way it should be played! Glad he is showing up,has a bright future.


What are his ‘measurables’?

6’1 230

I see legit SEC LB speed in him. I hope these LBs redshirting are as good as he is, bc we will be good at LB if so. Hard to replace the leadership and experience of Bumper and Drew, but dang this kid is really good. Glad he’s ours. I predict he’s All-SEC before he’s done, if he stays healthy.

We better not bring in another portal LB this year and tell him to wait another year. I am not sure how he took the Sanders addition last spring.

Seems as the season went on, he played a lot, maybe as much as Bumper. We better be bringing in talent at every position, even linebacker, as we will be replacing both Sanders and Pool. Surely the kids realize that with the physicality of the SEC a prepared kid is one play away from the field. I believe Pool has shown he is one to count in the mix and play a lot, more than likely start, regardless of who might come in.

Bumper played hurt a lot. Pooh really stepped up.

Not sure the name “Pooh” strikes a lot of fear, but other teams are starting to understand how he plays.

Justin Moore said today that Pooh plays a lot like Sam Olojabutu (sp) and Tony Bua……High complement.

My first thought as well, after reading the subject line of the OP

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