Pooh and McAdoo are Studs

Watching the game I came away thinking that the defense next year could be good again. Lose some people but look to have some stars in the making. Pooh looks like he is going to be an absolute beast at LB and I am assuming that McAdoo will not return to WR as he may be be better than Nudie even at CB. Pairing those two next year on both sides man to man on WRs will let the Odom have free reign to run all types of blitzes to pressure the QB. Hopefully recruiting has stocked and/or a couple of portal pickups for DL will shore up the run defense.


McAdoo is a stud. I didn’t know he was that fast. There were a couple of plays where Judkins was off to the races and McAdoo was the only player that was catching up with him.

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they have speed and explosiveness and are not injury bound. I sense the speed especially is essential to Coach Odom’s preferred scheme. An opposing O can take advantage of their (over) aggressiveness, but I like the speed infusion. Wish that could happen on the inside DL. Where have you gone Dick Bumpass? I’m not asking for a Dan Hampton or John Ridgeway, just a Dick Bumpass sized havoc wreaking NT. Find that and we will better looking in the secondary and more fun for fans to watch. Pooh Paul on a blitz is refreshing, McAdoo making plays of commission is also mucho welcome.


I noticed that. I didn’t remember reading much about his speed, but he certainly saved a couple TDs by catching Judkins. I looked at his 247 bio and he ran track, but his best 100 time was 11.11. Fast, but not blazing. He had a very good 200 time of 22.95 though which is more impressive. Playing in 2A, he probably didn’t have a coach to help him with the blocks and form for the 100.

He certainly appeared to be our fastest defensive player last night.

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They don’t time country boys chasing rabbits through bean fields. The ones that do that,usually have pretty good football speed. No matter what the stopwatch says. Q can play. All day everyday. That kid can play. I hope he stays at Corner but occasionally gets to catch a few passes.


There’s a difference between track speed and speed with pads on, McAddo is fast and ran good angles in pursuit. I think he’s found his niche I and is a team player, way to many young men are in the wrong position and are unwilling to change position for the better of the team but guys that do are priceless. WPS

Also would like to give out a big Woo Pig to Max Fletcher. His punts were beautiful pinning the Black Bears deep in their own territory all night. Reid Baur came in for distance punts and did well also.

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Has he played in more than 4 games? I don’t remember if he was on special teams.

McAdoo has football speed & I think a high football IQ. He obviously watched & studied what was happening to our defense & secondary from the sidelines. Was bold enough to put his name in the hat to try to help on that side of the ball. Big statement for a true freshman right there. On top of that make an immediate impact.

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McAdoo can tackle… was impressed with several of his tackles… not shy at all.


McAdoo is a player. Corners don’t grow on trees. I think his future is on the defensive side of the ball.

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Both these kids are really good players and are helping transform our D. I predict both will be All-SEC before they are done on the Hill. Both flash speed and will only get better with experience

That was what impressed me as well. He will hit you