Pomeroy up to 26

Around us:

Kansas 25
Ark 26
Indiana 27
Florida 28
Missouri 29

At Missouri is the toughest game left on our schedule in my opinion though Tide at home is close. Will be good to have Alabama, LSU and Florida at home.

Right Missouri is the most important game on the schedule. It would be huge to get that win! The road game to end the season at S.C. worries me.
The Florida, Alabama and LSU games are important but winning 2 of those would be sweet.
One game at a time.

Good point on SC. They are playing much better. We’ve got some cushion now. Need to win 3 or 4 of last 6 and we should be good.

Pom has us going 4-2 in the last 6 games losing by 1 to Missouri and 2 to Alabama.

Just win out at home and the Hogs will be in the NCAA Tournament.


Good point Clay! Getting a win over Bama looks a lot more possible now than it did a few weeks ago.

I would take 4-2 over these last 6 games and pack it in for the SEC tourney.

What happens w A and M having to not play?

Wish we got the W and hope we don’t miss that likely win come ncaa time

If the A&M game gets made up – and that is the anticipation of the Arkansas staff – that’s 4 of the final 7 in BWA and 2 games against the second-worst team in the league right now.

Alabama, Florida, and LSU whew…

glad they’re all at BWA

NET remained 28th this morning. No better, no worse.

BPI is 21st, which I believe is an improvement. Projected record is now 18.7-7.3, which does not account for rescheduling the Aggie game. BPI also has Misery as a 1.5-point pick Saturday.

Bracket Matrix updated last night, but I don’t know if it was before or after the KY game. We’re a 9 seed appearing on 93 of the 97 brackets (and at least one of those four added us as an 11 this morning).

NET was a head scratcher for me after this game. We stayed where we were before the road win, but KY went up a spot to #80 after a home loss where they were the favorite!? KY was just 5 spots from a quad 1 win. Seems to me that we should have at least passed idle Florida (27th), who has 2 quad 3 losses. Those are very bad losses.

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