Pomeroy ratings

Yeah, computer ratings don’t mean much yet, but Pomeroy ratings do start with a model that projects how a roster is expected to perform this season. Before any games were played this weekend Pomeroy had us at #54, I believe. I felt like we would probably be better than that by the end of the season, but I feared that we might not be that good out of the gate. We’re now #37. Pomeroy grades games by how team X should fare against team Y. You can win comfortably against inferior competition and still fall in the ratings. Anybody who yawns at us dismantling Samford and Bucknell by 67 points should consider that trouncing Creampuff U doesn’t move you up Pomeroy by 15 or 20 slots.

I can see the cream puff not moving you up. But by no means are these first 2 opponents considered steam puffs.
Have you seen a box score on the game yet.

AH, unless I badly misread his post, he was saying exactly what you said.

Huge jump! It’s early but exciting nonetheless.