Polls this week

The coaches poll has our hogs behind Kentucky and Texas A&M.
The AP poll has our Hogs ahead of both of them.
So I guess it time to wait and see where the CFP ranks the Hogs and see who the Citrus Bowl chooses.

I would think that since the CFP is the official poll for determining playoff teams and their positions, bowl committees would give more weight to that one in determing pecking order for bowls.

I guess we’ll see…

I just don’t see how they could move the hogs and put both Kentucky and A&M in front of the hogs.

Kentucky, no…but I could certainly see them moving A&M up based on the fact that they are the only team to have defeated the new number one. But since neither of us played yesterday, still hard to imagine much change in the bottom part of the Top 25

CFP has Hogs ranked at #21.

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Well that’s also ahead of Kentucky and Texas A&M.

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