Poll: Should Arkansas play ASU in football?

No one thinks asu will hurt badly or steal many recruits or fans. It will hurt some and get a few. That’s too many IMO

I see this as a mistake with no upside by Yurachek. (The best the other side can come up with is this should be no problem for the UofA so why not go along with it?) He has been shrewd so far so I hope I am missing some benefit to all of this that he sees. If not, what other mistakes is he making? Is there someone on the UofA Board that cares about all of this whose vote he needs for a future important issue? Are there politicians from Northeast Arkansas who can really help him with something in the future in the legislator? I don’t think he has suddenly turned stupid, I am just curious about “the rest of the story” like Paul Harvey (to show how old I really am).


There wouldn’t be more than 5,000 ASU fans at either LR or Fayetteville. They only average 15,000 at Jonesboro.

They would show up for this game.

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We had one of those about 20 years ago. I’m thinking it was Jonathan Adams but I could be wrong. Kid from Osceola, turned us down to sign with the future Pink Puppies.

That, I’ll agree with. Everybody who ever pretended to be an ASU fan would come out of the woodwork for this one.

I wonder about anyone who sides with Wally Hall on any subject especially this one!

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Oh, no doubt about that. They packed their basketball arena about 15 years ago for the UA-ASU women’s NIT basketball game. It was one of the 4 or 5 largest crowds in arena history.

When she came back, Suzie Gardner, the lady razorbacks’ coach at the time, said, “why didn’t someone warn me?” She was talking about how horribly the team & fans were treated by ASU fans.

Stanley Reed (RIP) was a friend of mine on the BOT at the time. He told me he was shocked at how uncivilly Razorback fans were treated. He did not think it was a good idea for us to ever play them again when he saw how bitter it was. (Stanley was from Marianna, so I’m sure he had some idea about how loathed the Hogs are by some ASU fans. But maybe not. Marianna is about 80 miles from Jonesboro and perhaps a little far to get much influence from it.)


Neither this poll nor your twitter poll are at all scientific. However, I think this poll consists of people who I’d think represent more dedicated hog fans. Those who will pay for a subscription are not like those who don’t. Again, I distinguish sports fans who have a favorite team from Hog fans who are invested in the program.


Seems like I recall a couple of others, but none I can name. You’re right about Adams, though. D’Angelo Williams from Wynne who eventually signed with Memphis strongly considered ASU. (He’s the one who sent his LOI to us with “No” written across it.)

I don’t think some folks realize the hatred the ASU fans have for the Hogs. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s crazy how some of them act and I’m talking professional types. I know Richard and Wally don’t have a clue what it’s like in N E Arkansas. Really bad idea to start playing!


Exactly. I wore Razorback shirt to a recent weekend convention out of state. A professional person from Jonesboro saw it & acted like it was some sort of voodoo sign. I might have thought he was kidding, but he sure didn’t smile or act like. It was kind of a smirk—of course it followed our first 2-100 season under Morris, so I had little I could say.

I actually suggested this a few years ago. It would make the LR game a sell out every year, and both teams could do a home and home at WMS

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So not only play them, but give them more money? SMH Just say heck no.

We are better off with 40,000 fans at WMS for a game against ULM than letting ASU be the home team (and getting the money paid by mostly Arkansas fans) with 53,000 fans. BAD BAD BAD idea,


Greg is right it’s a bad idea. A few years ago at an ASU home game tailgate party one of the local Jonesboro bank VP’s thought it would b really funny to bring a Hog helmet with him. They took turns urinating on it! Richard and Wally you are wrong!

Not really. It’s THE WAY to keep the LR game, and we would still play there every year, but we would still get all our on campus OV every other year (but this is also after the aTm game at Jerry’s World ends). Right now both Jerry’s World and LR costs us on campus recruiting.

As is the case from time to time, we are just going to have to agree to disagree!

Sell out WMS & give away half the gate? Wow. It already costs us about $3M per game to play there instead of RRS. Now you want to give them $1M of a potential $2m gate? Why not sell out RRS, keep $1M & give them $3M to come up there? That’d help them even more & wouldn’t hurt us a bit less—but it would sell out WMS.

If that’s THE way to keep a game in LR, why bother to even have a game in LR?

I’m sorry, but that perhaps the worst idea yet. Well, I guess we could play them in Jonesboro and have them pay us $100k. That’d be worse, but…


Egg-zackly. Play ASU or ditch WMS? Ditch time.

I’ve had a few ASU fans come after me. They can be pretty unreasonable.