Poll: Should Arkansas play ASU in football?

    1. Yes
    1. No
    1. Don’t care

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All good. I have a bunch of ASU fans coming to vote. Keep it up near the top so they can see it.

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play them new, beat them down, move on.


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It does beg the question…is Twitter a better representation of Hog fans? Or a message board that covers the Razorbacks?

I’ll admit that I voted here, but not on the Twitter poll because I refuse to sign up for any social media. I don’t need to know if someone likes another person’s picture of their paleo plate.

Richard, you didn’t surprise me one bit!

In what way?

That you voted for them to play

Yurachecks debable

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I’ve been upfront about thinking they should play.

If it has to happen. Just beat the brakes off of them.

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I do think this poll is a truer reflection of Razorback fans opinions than your Twitter poll which I think reflects a lot general sports fans and, probably, a lot of ASU fans all excited about all of this. That being said, I am surprised that 21%, so far, of real Razorback fans, includiong you, want it to happen.

I wonder if Yurachek sees some version of this as inevitable and will throw them on the schedule in six years on a once in every five years basis as one of the “rent-a-win for a few hundred thousand” games in Fayetteville? Doing this to avoid some kind of split the gate LR game every year to save WMS? Some have posted here that LSU, UGA, etc. play instate teams on a rotating basis, but no one has posted teams like Arkansas willingly creating an annual grudge match with a lesser instate team.

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I don’t think you can say either is a true reflection of the fan base. That said a lot of Hog fans on twitter are saying it should happen. A lot. You can look at their follows and tweets and know they’re Hog fans

We will just have to agree to disagree on that one.

Any thoughts on how Yurachek, if he does anything, will chose to set up the game?

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I personally don’t think shutting the in state schools out his important any longer. Say you play an in-state team once every 3-5 years; likely Arkansas State but you include others if there performance justifies it. I do not think it is different in todays world than some of the others we have played in recent years. I just don’t see these teams stealing many instate players that were at the high end of UofA’s want list.

No idea. I could see WMS happening as a so-called neutral site.

Can’t ever see a game in Jonesboro.

I like the idea of playing in ASU in LR (or Fayetteville). It’s a time that’s come. And, iit might keep us from playing the Citadel, again.

I see an athlete in the future who we want and need who is in Northeast Arkansas and buys into the underdog role for ASU and becomes a local hero by turning down us and choosing the home school. We will survive something like that but we need to maximize our breaks to hope to compete in the SEC-West someday and we need to increase the chances for good things not increase the chances for bad things to happen. If we play them regularly, the chances of being upset by this “rent-a-win” team are higher because they will make their season with an upset and will play much harder than the other “rent-a-wins” out there. Again, we can survive this but it is still stupid to increase the chances for bad things to happen when you are trying to dig yourself out of the hole we find ourself in. I could not care less about how many bored journalists or casual fans who think forcing the UofA to play ASU is a fun thing to do. I only care about the Razorbacks and we will need a maximum effort to come back to respectible in the SEC. This hurts that. JMVVVVVHO

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