POLL: Rival

I’m posting this to help Tom Murphy, who in preparation for the LSU game next week is working on a story about Arkansas’ rivalries since joining the SEC.

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I would have picked Bama actually, certainly more than a couple of teams on your list, Matt. But that wasn’t an option, and like when I early-voted in Sebastian County, write-in votes not accepted.

Not my list. :wink:

You can pass that along to Murphy then.

Too bad Auburn and Bama were left off the list! Out of these I don’t like any of them!
But Missouri will never be a rivalry in football. It stinks they took the turkey game with LSU away and forced fed Missouri.

I think you have to beat a true rival on occasion to qualify and our string of losses against Bama may reach 20 plus.

I will always despise LSU because of this.

None of the above is my option.

What not Missouri??? The Battle Line Rivalry… What a joke. Jeff Long caved to the Sec we should be playing LSU

Many years ago I was told this by a former player of LSU. I cannot guarantee the veracity of the story. He said that in the mid-1930’s LSU played the Razorbacks in Fayetteville. They travelled by train and brought their tiger with them. As the teams gathered at opposite ends of the field during the halftime the LSU band marched onto the field with the tiger in its cage leading the parade. During the performance some LSU students put a couple of live baby pigs in the tiger’s cage, and the tiger immediately ate them! This so angered the Razorback players and fans that the Hogs came back in the second half and thoroughly defeated the LSU team which had been leading at the half. I do not know if the story is true, but it was told to me by a man who played on that LSU team.

The first time LSU played in Fayetteville was 1992. All of the games played in the 1930s were in Shreveport. They have played in LR over the course of the series, before Arkansas joined the SEC.

I have felt for some time that the rival would be a regional situation. If you ask folks in east Arkansas, they are going to say Ole Miss. If you ask folks in south Arkansas, they are going to say LSU. So I’m not surprised by the results.

as far as missouri, they have kicked our rear. until we take the game with as much emphasis as their players do, they will give us a very tough game. and we have ranked higher than them in recruiting, so i would say their coaches have done a better job than ours have as far as developing talent. game means more to them than it does us. texas a and m has stomped us lately. and they are going to rank high every year in recruiting. don’t necessarily like fisher but they have owned us lately.

as far as an original eastern arkansan, cannot stand ole miss, and texas. add tennessee to that mix for me. should have beaten the (whatever their mascot is now) this year but gave game away. beating ole miss the last few years other than this year has soothed the hurt from getting pummeled elsewhere.

bama, we can’t beat them. not a rivalry if we never win
auburn, can’t stand those folks either, one of three sec teams i never root for, conference or not.
mississippi state, just another game

I have seen a picture of a live tiger at an Arkansas-LSU game in that era. I think it was in the book written by Orville Henry and Jim Bailey, but I’m not certain.

I voted for Ole Miss when the poll was posted a day or two ago.

That is not MY personal choice, but it is what I thought/think most of our fans would say.

Alabama cannot be considered a “rival” until we are more competitive in that game. Losing 12 in a row and no end in sight just doesn’t sniff a rivalry. Plus, EVERYBODY wants to beat Alabama for obvious reasons; but there is no “rivalry” feeling from their side when it comes to us.

A&M is interesting, because in my lifetime (I’m in my mid 60’s), Arkansas has consistently dominated the series - until the Aggies made the jump to the SEC. Unfortunately for us, that coincided with not only a once-in-a-lifetime QB showing up at A&M, but with a certain motorcycle accident that has sent our program reeling. Even so, we SHOULD be 3-4 . . . maybe even 4-3 in the lat 7 games. But the reality is that we’re 0-7 in them, which has GREATLY ratcheted up my personal animus for the Ags. In other words, I never really considered it a rivalry, but now am changing my mind about that.

LSU is an interesting series, and their team (at least, since we’ve joined the SEC) is consistently highly ranked. We’ve played some very entertaining games against the Bengals, and we’ve won several times when we were underdogs, as well as almost winning when no one really gave us much of a chance. All of these things stoke a rivalry. But . . . we just haven’t played them all that many times; and, they have many more deeply ingrained rivalries ahead of us because they’ve been playing the other SEC teams so many decades.

Ole Miss, on the other hand, we had a history with way before we moved to the SEC, including some controversial games. To Clay’s point, it is a game of close proximity, what with us sharing a long border. And since we’ve moved to the SEC, there has been coach poaching (we almost took Tuberville from them, and then Nutt left us to coach the Rebs), historic overtime games and some downright odd happenings in some of those games. Most have been very closely contested, with a few upsets mixed in.

Ole Miss doesn’t raise my temperature as high as some others, but I think for a lot of our fans, they are the closest thing we have to a long-term rival on our schedule, with the Aggies close behind.

Just my thoughts.

Rivalries come & go unless there’s some constant theme that makes them important. We always considered Texas our rival, but they didn’t really consider us much of one except during the 60’s & maybe 70’s. Ole Miss was one in the 50’s & early 60’s. (I lived in eastern Ark & understood that to be our biggest rival by far. We didn’t play LSU except once in the Cotton Bowl during those years, but we played OM regularly in the 50’s & early 60’s. But back then both teams were highly ranked nationally.

I think Missouri is becoming a major rival, not because of the trophy but because they’re nearby & we’ve been roughly equal since they joined the SEC. (It still annoys me we’ve lost two games to them we should have easily won.)

I consider all the SEC teams a significant rival, but I know they don’t look at us as one because we don’t beat them enough. Ole Miss might, LSU might to some extent, MU probably does, but until we start beating them in games where something besides pride is on the line, no other SEC team will consider us a rival. Every team considers Bama a rival.