Poll question

Based on board posts and callers to Bo’s show today. Answers are anonymous, so be honest.

I want them to win and expect them to. If they lose my question is whether the interim in Columbia will be Dan or Paul?

I want us to win every game,but I am tired of having an irrelevant program. We should be a Top 25 team every year and compete for the SEC Crown occasionally. I am not upseit if we have to get a new coach. Those guys are paid exorbitant sums to coach. Firing is part of the deal if you don’t win…just as huge pay is.

I don’t think they would do that before SC because of that $.

But if they were to lose. it would certainly prompt discussions

They won’t - ASU wood sheds them every year. Should be a cake walk, but have a sneaky feeling it will be close. The RB is legit

We should win big.
We may not have a top SEC caliber defense, but we do have a top Sun Belt caliber defense.