Poll on which SEC West school you dislike the most

There is a poll on the right side of WholeHogSports asking which of 5 SEC West schools you dislike the most (the one left out is MSU).

I was surprised a little by the results. Not so much the school with the most votes, but by the narrow range of the 5 schools from most votes to least.

With more than 1,000 votes cast, the top vote-getter (Ole Miss) had 24% of the votes, while the on with the least (Auburn, I believe) had 16%. The rest (LSU, Alabama, A&M) were in between.

I don’t know what I expected, but I thought it would be more skewed than that. Probably 30-35% for the most; 10-15% for the least, something like that.

I guess that shows how balanced and competitive the SEC really is. How unlike the SWC days when a vote of Arkansas fans would have shown probably 85-90% “Texas” in such a poll. Now, every week is “Texas week”.

I don’t see the poll, Wiz. Perhaps its my continuing unfamiliarity with this site. However, I’d love to vote for Ole Miss as the school I dislike the most.

I looked for Texas anyway. There’ll never really be anything like Texas Week.

Ole Miss!!

Cannot see it either


I can’t find it. I even tried turning my Adblock Plus off with no success.

Oh well, I would pick Ole Miss.

My vote was AU and it was based on their constant cheating, and self righteousness/hypocrisy. I think Gus is just an awful person.

They may have taken the poll down. In the past they leave them up for a day or so after voting is stopped then take it down, and I voted in the poll some time last week.


My two favorite teams are The Razorbacks and whoever is playing Texas.


I couldn’t find any poll, but i’m not an adequate poll troll either.

Bama, Ole Miss in that order from the old schools.

As of late aTm has superseded them as my most disliked.

The one I dislike the most is the one that’s next on the schedule.

I just looked, and I don’t see it any more either. Ironically, those things seem to be up forever (2-3 weeks) a lot of the time. I had just noticed this one, so figured it would be up for a while. And, I checked just before posting this thread to make sure it was still there - it was. Guess it went down right after I posted. Oh well . . .

As I mentioned, of the 5 teams listed (Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, A&M), Ole Miss led with 24%, Auburn (I think) had the least at 16%, and the others were somewhere in between.

I agree - Texas will always top my personal list of “least favorite” . . . but they are not in the SEC West, which is what this specific poll was asking about.

not even close! Their fans are “off the charts” rude!

After I posted this last night, I called up the WHS story on Devwah Whaley and found the poll on the page with the story. Voting had been shut down though. I think their poll may be limited to five choices, thus the need to leave out Moo U.

Yes, I just saw it listed again and as SF mentioned, voting is over. But here is a link to the final results:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/polls/201 … t/results/

Ole Miss



It changes, but it’s always one or the other or both for me.

I can’t stand Ole Piss , their coach, or their fans.

Bama’s arrogance has never bothered me. They’ve earned the right to be arrogant. But Ole Piss is Johnny Reb come lately and they had to cheat to do it. I hope they get hammered to oblivion by the SEC.

I dislike them ALL!

If they ain’t Arkansas they Ain’t…

But I dislike LSU

But nothing is as bad a UTex (Spit)

LSU would be my pick.
Ole Miss would be number 2 only because they are cheating so much in recruiting that it is making them hard to beat.
Auburn would be next.
Then Alabama, even though they are the most important team to beat.
Miss State

However, like the overall poll shows, there’s not much difference between them I dislike them all.