Poll: Hog football and money

Read a story tonight that mentioned the millions of reasons tOSU had not to fire Urban Blight – the revenue generated by Yuckeye football as reported to the federal government. So I looked up our report, and decided to post this poll. I’ll leave it open for voting for three days. We’ll see how many people get it right (Obviously cheating is possible if you know where to look).

After the poll ends I’ll reveal the answer and why it may not be the normal revenue for the program going forward.

Swine when are you going to give us the answer?

Separate thread

But since you asked, the answer is $71 million, as opposed to $91 million for tOSU and $108 million for Bama in the same period. And I suspect that $71M is inflated by one-time gifts toward the NEZ project, although there is nothing in the federal records to confirm that.