POLL: Better atmosphere when full

  • Baum-Walker Stadium
  • Bud Walton Arena

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This is a thought I have had a lot because I think Arkansas has one of the best home advantages in basketball and baseball, and not many teams come to Fayetteville and win in either venue. I’m just curious what others think.

BWS has been full a lot more often than BWA. But I would lean slightly toward BWA because of the Trough. The Pen is a little too friendly to opponents unless middle fingers are extended.


Man, that’s a tough one, Matt. Almost like asking which of your kids is your favorite.


Same thought. I think BWS is probably more an outlier for loud baseball parks.

Never been to a baseball game at Baum so maybe I should just sit down and shut up. But I had season tickets to the Bud the first ten years or so it was open and it got really loud and intimidating often. And just the fact that it is indoors would make it a lot louder I would think. But Barnhill tops both I think partially thanks to Robken Band. I went to the OU game there in Nov 1990 and the joint was rocking and we thumped them pretty good! MayDay!


My experience was mainly as a student in Bud Walton Arena. I was one of the original crazies that held up the signs like Big Deal, Who Cares, Whats That Smell, Whose She, Nice Hair when the opposing players were announced in the last year of Barnhill and the first few years of Bud Walton. In those days I visited many of the other arena and hands down in the SEC… no place compared. Now I never visited Kansas’ Phog Allen Field House or Dukes’ Cameron Indoor two places known for loud intense hostile venues, but I’d place Bud Walton (when we were rollin with Nolan) right there with them for sound.

As for Baseball, the loudest game I was ever at was the Brady Topps walk-off and it was a mad house, but as loud as that was, its outdoor and sound doesn’t reverberate and bounce around like it does in an enclosed arena.

As for football, the two loudest events unfortunately were losses. When Vince Young and Texas came to Fayetteville in 2004 and we lost 20-22 at the end. Until Texas got the lead it was amazing. The other one was in 2006 when USC showed up to open the season. Now let me qualify this by saying thats the loudest I ever heard at a football game up until the game got started and USC shut us up rather quickly. But for a brief time it was magnificent. I was not there for the game when we got revenge against Tennessee and tore the goal post down but from people I know that were there, it was a very loud ending to the game.

Still all in all Bud Walton was the loudest in my day, even against Barnhill and Robkins crazy running around days. Nothing can compare.

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I’m a perfect man to answer that. Just did with my wife’s son. Full BWA hands down is louder.

I have been to 1 (ONE) baseball game in my life. (True story)

And 40 years of basketball games.

Actually tried to give a ticket to Clay Henry and Matt Jones yesterday and NO TAKERS !!!

Don’t know what the deal is but I respond and it’s Lights Out, no more responses…

That’s a heck of a first baseball game to attend, Mike. It reminds me a little of the first game I went to at War Memorial — the Miracle on Markham. For almost 20 years it has been impossible to top that ending.

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Thanks for the reply. Matt it’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to help you out. But your issue got worked out and I have one unused ticket to find me a picture and frame that ticket. You and Clay just do great jobs. BTW I was at that FB many years ago…

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Matt I have a similar experience. Wasn’t to me but my youngest daughter. Her first football game was the tennessee redemption game when the post came down. The next game we won she was disappointed they didn’t tear the goalpost down.


In a generic sense, home court advantage is more significant in basketball than baseball. Except in Minnesota when they piped in crowd noise in 1987 World Series against St. Louis.

I was on the concourse behind home plate for Toops HH
I was in sect 115 Monday
I can’t pick one over the other

I do feel that BWA and Barnhill have had louder events mainly because they are inside

If there had been a doom over Baum-Walker it may have #1


Whassup Mr. Phillips? Welcome back!

For the record, loudest experiences for LoudLoyd at Razorback events are:
Football, Fayetteville: First TD vs. Alabama in 2010 OR the hit on the Ole Miss QB to win the game in 2016. (The only reason the 1981 Texas game wasn’t louder was because there were only 43,000 people there).
Football, Little Rock: 1979 Texas game, when Shorthorns missed the FG late. Nothing else is close.
Basketball, Bud Walton Arena: Michael Qualls, Kentucky. 2014. 'Nuff said.
Basketball, Barnhill Arena: Beating Houston on a late basket by Scott Hastings, maybe 1983? (I missed the U.S. Reed shot to beat Texas in 1980, much to my chagrin).
Baseball, Baum-Walker Stadium: Monday night. Welch’s homer (Missed the Brady Toops game, too).
Baseball, George Cole Field: Ralph Krause’s walkoff homer to be beat Texas in the first night game ever in Fayetteville.

This one pains me, I had to work that night and my wife used our tickets and told me how amazing it was as I watched it on TV :frowning:

Have to agree with your two RRS selections. I’d give a slight edge to Wingo’s wheel route but not by much.
WMS: Absolutely. Of course I missed the shootout with Houston in 89 but 79 Texass was unbelievable. Miracle on Markham 1 was pretty close too.
Barnhill: Hastings to beat Houston. When Akeem fouled out a couple of years later at Barnhill was pretty close too.
I can’t remember ever seeing a really big crowd at GCF, but I predated the arrival of lights.
BWS: Monday night.

I was at Miracle on Markham and got pissed at our performance so I left. I went to Grady’s Pizza over on 12th to finish watching the game. I was pissed before but I was really pissed that I left and missed it. I was at the UT revence game when the goal post came down and that was loud!

The crazy loudest I’ve experienced is at the Convention Center in Pine Bluff February 12, 1984 when our beloved Hogs beat #1 North Carolina. The greatest sports day in the history of my hometown. One minute I’m sitting way up in the stands and the next I’m on the floor celebrating.

Balentine’s Day gets an asterisk from me. It was crazy loud, but for some reason UNC brought a small band and they were seated directly behind me on press row. The trombonist was almost hitting the back of my head with the slide, put it that way. So I was getting the UNC fight song drummed into my skull over and over and over at point-blank range and extremely high volume. I attribute a little of my present hearing loss to that afternoon, seriously.

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