POLL: Are you in favor of hiring Chad Morris?

This option seems to be met with mixed opinions, so let’s take a vote.

Just for the record I’m in favor of the hire. We have a proven coach who can recruit in Texas. #1 problem solved when you can get the talent out of the Lone Star State to the hill!

It’s mixed because Arkansas is ill of ignorant people. Sorry, but true.

Good coaches can have a bad record. You have to look at the entire body of work. He has been rebuilding successfully.

Also, your record at your previous school can’t win games for you, ask Bret.

Great hire

While I am not informed enough to know if this was a great hire or not, I welcome Coach Chad Morris with open arms and hope that he has a long and successful stay here.

I hated getting rid of Bret, but knew, as he obviously did, that it had to happen. I said then I’d support the next coach and I’ll be happy to support Coach Morris. I voted yes.

Had Venables #1
Will definitely take Morris over Norvell or Kiffin.
But after today Elliott would have to be in the mix.

The results of this poll are a lot more favorable than the Twitter feedback. Of course, that is to be expected.

Any idea why he was never a Broyles’ Award finalist?

Notcwho I preferred, but very similar. He has my support.

The only qualification I have of selecting an HC is to know I have no qualifications for selecting one. However, my own limitations notwithstanding, I like the hire. He wasn’t my top choice, either, but I can’t be a bit confident my top choice would’ve done a good job.

It bothers me that there are so many naysayers. Not because I think they know anything, but because the program doesn’t need naysayers—at least it doesn’t need many. I’m glad the poll is positive. Maybe that reflects sentiments better than radio talk shows & message boards. Naysayers are usually quite loud.

As with any new hire, it’s a wait and see how it all works out. But I think he is a good coach and a great hire!
Woo Pig:bangbang:

Chad Morris, an excellent choice. Can recruit Texas and love his offense. If he can bring in a quality D-man, we’ll be rocking in SEC relatively soon. Who needs Gus, when you have Morris with united fans.

Totally agree

With him being at Clemson he Knows you have to have a good defense to win ball games.