Polk to Texas Tech


Well, dang…

I really liked Polk, have been hoping we would get him for a while.

Things are going to smoothly for Stepp so far.

He set the bar high last season, with little to no problems recruiting. He’s definitely facing some challenges this year. Curious to see how it turns out.

Texas Tech getting recruits is the ultimate insult to any program who cares, much less wants to be big time.

I don’t understand this. Texas Tech is on a roll in their athletic department accomplishments. And, with the NFL MVP a recent grad, why wouldn’t they be a good place for a player to go? Not my choice geographically, but it is a good school.

Indeed, this TT athletic program is not the 60’s version.

I thought geography mattered? At least that’s what Dudley, Richard, and other recruiting gurus tell us. Yes, this is not the Tech of old. But how did they become a hot college sports program almost over night? The world wonders.

They are coming off a 5-7 season, where they fired their coach.
With 1 winning season in the last 5 years.

Don’t think these football players care what the baseball or basketball guys are doing.

Just means their new coach is recruiting well.

Know this is old news, but how does Polk to TT affect where we stand with Thompson? Really hoping we can land either Thompson or Jahari Rogers.

From my understanding, the two sides drifted apart.

Arkansas and Thompson have drifted apart? Or Thompson and Polk?


I think certainly geography matters, but the two most important things remain relationships and winning or hope of winning.

We have an realistic options at safety? With Slusher and Snow committing elsewhere, and Thompson no longer interested it looks like we are running out of options.

• Dajeun Gibson, 6-0, 185, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Blackman (Same school Trey Knox was from)

• Donovan Johnson 6-2, 180, Harvey, La., Helen Cox (Virginia, but Arkansas just offered his teammate and still has a legit shot)

• Jerrin Thompson, 6-0, 183, Lufkin, Texas (will try and check in with him and see where he is at, but he;'s not planning on being at the picnic)

• Vito Tisdale, 6-3, 201, Bowling Green, Kentucky

• Catrell Wallace, 6-5, 215, Bryant (still not certain he won’t end up as a safetyeven though the general thought is that he will be a DE or OLB)

Wallace as a safety?
I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen a 6’5 safety, is he even remotely near fast enough?

Yeah, I don’t see Wallace playing safety, I’m not sure he is a LB either.

If we see him at a safety we are in serious trouble, even compared to the safety play we’ve seen over the past decade.